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Nickel Putter Ball Pick-Up

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Price: $19.95 US

Nickel Putter USA
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[2009-Jan-26] This past golf season my wife tried a couple of ball pickup gadgets because her hip was causing some discomfort. The last ball pickup I remember was rubber and stuck over the end of her club. Because her putter didn't have a round grip (it was more oval) the rubber pickup would often drop off in the bottom of her bag, fall off when she tried to pick up a ball, or wouldn't pick up a ball because the rubber was stretched out of shape.

This latest invention addresses all the problems I've seen with other competitors. The Nickel Putter Ball Pick-Up is fastened to the end of your putter with 3 screws. When not in use the Nickel Putter Ball Pick-Up is collapsed to resemble the top of your putter grip. The unit adds an additional 5/8" to the length of your putter and is opened by pressing the edge of the Ball Pick-Up, similar to flicking a lighter. When opened, the Nickel Putter Ball Pick-Up picks up any ball with ease. I tried it a bunch of times with never a problem.

Although the Nickel Putter Ball Pick-Up is a bit on the pricey side, the product works like a charm and it appears quite durable. The only danger I see is leaving it open and dropping it in your bag which could damge the Pick-Up prongs.

NOTE: The Nickel Putter Ball Pick-Up is available for purchase through our Store.

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