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Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer

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Price: $5.00 US + shipping

Gorilla Gold
P.O. Box 1576
Lewiston, ID 83501 USA

Website:  http://gorillagold.com

Email: info@gorillagold.com

Phone: 208-413-4359

[2013-Aug-26] I first saw the Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer at the Syracuse Golf Show in February of 2013. The vendor was doing a simple demonstration by having wandering visitors grap the grip of a golf club before and after the Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer was applied. Not surprising, this simple introduction to the product made many a sale. I had no difficulty shelling out the asking price of $5.00.

The Gorilla Golf Grip Enhancer is a cloth that you use to apply a tackiness to your hands, gloves, or grips. It reminds me of the feeling you get when having a bit of honey on your fingers but the tackiness doesn't appear to leave any residue that I can detect.

I've had a number of softball pitchers contact me to buy this product as it seems to work better than the commonly used rosin bag.

Since the beginning of May I've been using my original Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer. Whenever my hands feel a bit slippery or sweaty I pull out my Gorilla Grip. I always use it on my hands after I apply sunscreen. Although the package says it will last 3-6 weeks if resealed in the bag mine still works fine despite being open for close to 4 months. Priced at $5.00, you won't find another product that will do more for your game at a similar price.

NOTE: The Gorilla Golf Grip Enhancer is available for purchase through our Store.

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