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Larrimac Golf Course (Le Club de Golf Larrimac)
1148 Route 105, Chelsea, QC  J9B1P4
Tee Times: 819-827-1506 Fax: 819-827-4312

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    In a beautiful setting, nestled between the Gatineau hills and the Gatineau River, Larrimac Golf Club offers high-quality, environmentally friendly golf, tennis and social activities at a reasonable cost. Larrimac has a well maintained and challenging 9-hole course. It offers a friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to families, members, their guests and the general public.
    Larrimac Golf Club - in Chelsea a 15 minute drive from Parliament Hill, and is a place to meet old friends and to make new ones.
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Date: 2011-Jun-04 Review by Dan P
    I was very surprised at how good a condition the Larrimac greens were in. A few were a bit on the small side, but nothing that proved frustrating.
    The only green that had any significant contour was #7 which had a fairly severe slope off the front.
    I suggest aiming for the middle of the green on almost every hole. The pin placement was difficult to understand without previous knowledge of the course.
    Many rolling fairways so I'm sure the course uses the natural grade of the land. In some locations the fairways will have difficulty taking seed and recovering from weather conditions.
    Yardage markers are visible yet club selection is still difficult because of the lay of the land.
    Most fairways are adequate width with the exception of hole #6 but it doesn't require a driver from the tee.
    Varying sets of tee boxes allow for a different look if playing a round of 18 holes. Signage is visible at the tee for every hole. Tees were is decent condition.
    A nine hole course with lots of elevation changes. Hole #4 is a tough downhill walk so watch your step. Coming back up #5 can be an effort to climb.
    Minor bunkering on the course which can easily be avoided with good club selection.
    A few holes with a bit of water but should never really come into play.
    Three holes (#6-#8) are played across the road.
    I didn't sense a bargain and I didn't feel I overspent. Larrimac is fairly priced.
    The elevation changes can really spend some energy and you'll quickly have to learn your club distances for hitting uphill. The difficulty with Larrimac will probably be encountered when you play a full 18 holes while walking.
    The first tee offers a short par 4 off an elevated picturesque tee. The course has thick trees lining the perimeter of the course. Any forested areas you'll want to avoid. The elevation changes is what makes this course pretty.
    The young lady in the pro shop was courteous and chatty.
    I only encountered on maintenance worker on course and he waited patiently for me to chip on the green even though he would not have affected my play in any way with where he was working.
    I didn't see a beverage cart but then I was off early in the morning with a pre 8am tee time.
    The pro shop had essential golfing supplies. The clubhouse didn't sparkle my fancy but I'm sure it suited the clubs need.
    The parking lot was not overly large but should be adequate for this 9 hole course.
    The Larrimac Golf Course is a nice track with simple beauty but still a substantial challenge.
    Directions between holes are well marked and where they're not the next hole is quite obvious.
    A few downhill walks can be awkward and I imagine there have been some golfers that have taken a tumble; especially if the ground is wet.
    Some golfers may think they'll need to be part billy goat to play a round. If playing 18 I'd probably elect to use a cart.
    The Larrimac course is a good choice for someone wanting to play a quick 9 holes.
Photos: 2011-Jun-04

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