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Fox Meadow Golf & Country Club
167 Kinlock Road, Stratford, PE  C1B1J7
Tee Times: 902-569-4653 Toll Free: 877-569-8337 Fax: 902-569-2847

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    Fox Meadow Golf and Country Club, now entering it's second decade, continues to shine even brighter and is definitely one of the brightest jewels in Prince Edward Island's golfing crown.
    It is truly a masterpiece you must experience - the perfect solution for Prince Edward Island's love for golf. It is located just five minutes from Charlottetown, on the Kinlock Road in the heart of Stratford.
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Date: 2008-Sep-20 Review by Dan P
    We were told the greens at Fox Meadow were in a state of repair after the recent winter. I found only hole #9 to be in flux and the remainder were recovering nicely.
    Flag colour identifies pin placement. Most greens are quite large with mild contours. Greens were quite firm.
    Fairways are quite broad and leave lots of room for error (my kind of course). Only 150 yard markers are posts with plates for 200 and 100 yardages. Sprinkler heads are also marked.
    Condition of fairways are good and divots are easily taken.
    Tees are a good size. Par 3s often allow you to move your tee placement to get a different angle at the green. Many yardage signs are located at the back tees. Signage is on granite and very permanent. Four sets of tees with the tips being just over 6800 yards.
    Many holes are doglegs and the greens for these holes are not visible until your second shot. Fox Meadow is not as hilly as many other PEI courses and can be easily walked by most golfers. All fairways flow to green except fairway #16 which stops at the top of a hill and then restarts at the bottom. The downhill rough can hang up a ball on a long drive.
    Hazards are mainly bunkers and fescue. Water appears on holes 2, 7, and 13. Depending on the pin placement, the par 3 7th can be one tough hole.
    Being so close to Charlottetown is a real bonus for Fox Meadow (and golfers). Both member and visitor can quickly get to the club. Fox Meadow has no initiation fees and prime time green fees are around $60.
    Fox Meadow is fairly open with modest wooded areas. Only three holes have water and it is not a major factor except on the 7th. In the fescue a ball can easily be lost and, if found, any play out of the long stuff is a bonus. Broad fairways and rough normally keep you out of trouble.
    You can see a bit of the Charlottetown harbour from the clubhouse, driving range, and first tee. Housing is beginning to grow around the course but isn't close enough to be a factor in play.
    Gentleman in the pro shop was very helpful with answering our questions. Bag boy was quick to ask us for a ride to the clubhouse when we arrived and provided excellent service.
    Beverage cart was around often. Excellent service in the restaurant as well.
    The clubhouse is nicely situated on the highest point on the course. Facility is in top condition and very clean. The pro shop lacks any golf equipment (all courses appear to in PEI) but has a great supply of clothing. The paved parking lot is large and service to and from the lot is provided.
    Scorecard is large and well designed. A complimentary yardage book is also available.
    No problems with the route of the course although we did experience a few holdups due to slow play.
    What a nice location for a golf course and how appropriate is the Fox Meadow name? Lots of foxes can be seen on the course. In fact, the Rules of Play dictate that if a fox takes your golf ball you can replay from the same location without penalty. I picked up a fox golf head cover in the pro shop as a reminder of the unique experience. The foxes seem very tame and rumor has it that they will go through your golf cart looking for food.
    Fox Meadow also harbours the Canadian Golf Academy. The Canadian Golf Academy is rated as Canada's #1 Golf Teaching Facility by Score Magazine. And, best of all, Fox Meadow is a mere 5 minute drive from Charlottetown so vacationers put in a round on short notice.
Date: 2008-Sep-20 Review by Greg J
    The greens were quite large and mostly had fairly minor contouring. They were of average speed and consistent throughout the course.
    The fairways on this course are quite wide and in many cases had only rough between adjoining fairways that was not too difficult to play out of. All were in good shape and well-maintained. Only the 150 yard markers were easily visible from any distance but all fairways had a 100 and 200 yard marker in the ground and several sprinkler heads were marked as well.
    Several options were available for tee boxes. They were quite wide and were well-maintained. All were level with engraved markers in the ground with the yardage indicated at each tee.
    This course fit well with its surroundings and offered a nice view of town from the clubhouse and the driving range. Nearly two thirds of the holes were shaped to turn right or left; so players able to hit that way or willing to cut corners could be rewarded. I found there to be too many like this for my tastes. On several occasions we found that players landed on fairways adjacent to their own, meaning that you often had to be aware of what was happening on other holes. We were guilty of playing from the wrong fairway more than once.
    The cost to play Fox Meadow is fair for the calibre of the course. The proximity to downtown Charlottetown makes it a good deal. We definitely enjoyed playing the course and have recommended it to others.
    This was a fairly forgiving course overall as it was quite open in many places and adjacent fairways were often separated only by rough. There were other areas however where the rough was quite long making errant shots very costly. On the whole, it was fair and can be enjoyed by players of most playing abilities.
    The location of this course allowed for several nice views of the downtown area and of the harbour in the distance. Everything was well-maintained and neat.
    All of the members of staff we encountered were friendly, courteous and willing to assist. We were greeted in the parking lot as we arrived and driven to the clubhouse to have our clubs loaded onto our carts. The beverage cart came by several times during our round.
    This beautiful clubhouse had a decent sized and very well-stocked Pro Shop. Like most other courses on the island, clubs were not sold in the pro shop. There was also a very nice restaurant overlooking the driving range and with views of downtown Charlottetown and the harbour in the distance. During an evening meal in this restaurant we watched as a fox wandered across the range. The parking lot was quite large and fully paved.
    Since it was cool and windy on the morning that we played, we found it difficult to find the right balance between jackets and rain gear for the first portion of our round. Scorecards and ball washers were fine and the cart paths and directions to the next hole were always good. Although the course booklet was less detailed than the ones from some of the other courses we played, it was well designed and helpful for deciding how to approach any given hole.
Photos: 2008-Sep-20

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