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Wooden Sticks
40 Elgin Park Drive, Uxbridge, ON  L9P1N2
Tee Times: 905-852-4379 Fax: 905-852-4315

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    Wooden Sticks is more than simply a place to golf. It is a tribute to the rich history and grand traditions of this great game.
    In designing Wooden Sticks, architect Mr. Ron Garl and his team worked diligently to ensure that every aspect of your golf experience reflects the spirit found in some of today's most famous golf holes. In fact, 12 of the 18 holes at Wooden Sticks were each inspired by a different famous golf hole from the PGA. Together with the balance of the course, they present a challenging and unforgettable golf experience.
    During your round, you will envision yourself playing off a road in Scotland, across a famous creek in Georgia, onto an island in Florida, and through pine forests in New Jersey.
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Date: 2009-Jun-05 Review by James C
    Wooden Sticks has a wonderful array of greens, ranging from small (The Postage Stamp from Royal Troon) to the 18th green from St. Andrews. The speed of these greens were fast, but they definitely rolled true.
    Fairways were in very good condition, with yardage markers at 200, 150 and 100 yards. As this course is design after famous holes from around the world, it has a wide variety of tight fairways to wide open fairways.
    Tee boxes were in excellent shape, with good signage on all the holes. Be careful teeing off though, the tee markers just might be lined up for you to miss the fairway.
    The design of the course actually makes it difficult to rate the design, as it's designed after famous holes from around the world. That being said holes 2,5,6,7,and 8 are Wooden Sticks designs and excellent designs on their own. The course has lots of bunkers (see the Church Pews hole #1) and a moderate number of water hazards, though one notable being the 17th from TPC Sawgrass (which I birdied by the way) Wooden Sticks' 17th hole also.
    This course is a definite try, though green fees are not on the cheap side, ranging from $145 to $220. Green fees do include a cart, valet parking, beverages in your cart (non alcoholic), and nice lunch in the clubhouse. It definitely is an enjoyable course to play, and I would return it the opportunity arose again.
    The difficulty of the course is again, wide ranging, with some easy holes and some very difficult ones. Bring some extra balls as you'll most likely put a few in the water at the 17th. (Did I say I birdied that hole already?)
    Beautiful scenery on the Oak Ridges Moraine, the course is well taken care of with staff milling about all over.
    I found the bar/restaurant staff to be courteous and friendly, and pro Doug Kirkpatrick stopped to say hello and enjoy the course. There are no beverage carts, though your cart is stocked with water, other beverages, and snacks, and there's a canteen on the course where you can buy drinks and food.
    The clubhouse at Wooden Sticks is an impressive building, which you first see as you drive up to the valet parking. The pro-shop has a nice array of clothing and clubs. Staff are on the ball and very attentive to clients. The restaurant is beautiful and the food was excellent.
    The weather was great for our round. If you're looking for ball washers on the tees, they're not there (which you'll be informed of on the first tee by the starter) they're on your cart.
    I had a great time at Wooden Sticks and would love to try it again.
    P.S. I shot 45-40=85. Not bad on a course I've never played.
Date: 2009-Jun-05 Review by Dan P
    A chat with one of the pros before our round informed me that a lot of money is put back into the maintenance of the course. The greens did not disappoint and were probably the best I've played in a few years.
    Like the greens, the fairways were awesome. Hitting a fairway always left my ball propped nicely for my approach shot.
    Five tees to choose from with yardage ranging from 5276 to just over 7000. We played the Whites (Pine) at 6162 yards and probably could have taken another block back as the course didn't play as tough as expected. I felt some tees could use stairs as the were a few awkward walks to elevated tees. Tees were in good shape with par 3s showing the normal wear.
    A lot of though went in to the layout of Wooden Sticks as twelve of the 18 holes are inspired by famous holes from around the World. Finding an ideal location or spending a lot of money to landscape are the only solutions. The inspired holes are not a true replica of the hole by feature things in common like; bunker sand, yardage, shape of green, etc. I only recognized a few holes immediately and often had to refer to the Course Guide for details.
    Wooden Sticks is a unique experience but at the current pricing I wouldn't rush back to play. Perhaps I'm spoiled by the prices in my local area. The course is extremely well maintained, it has a decent driving range and a flamboyant putting area. The price at Wooden Sticks does include extras but these extras only have value if you like them and use them. For you money you get valet parking (not my thing), driving rage (yes), pre and post game meals (maybe), and snacks and drinks on your golf cart (another maybe).
    Wooden Sticks was much easier then anticipated. I'd always thought that the inspired holes would give me more of a thrill, but somehow they felt just like any other golf hole. We were probably too conservative with our tee selection and should have stepped it back a box.
    Wooden Sticks is built on a large chuck of land and each hole is giving ample space. On very few holes is there even the slightest opportunity of crossing onto another fairway. Some holes are extremely scenic.
    Some underbrush is quite thick but on the path of play everything is very clean.
    The staff at Wooden Sticks is very professional and very efficient. Almost too much so. It seemed like they always had to look busy, and, run everywhere. It was tough to get any one to take a friendly minute to chat. Maintenance staff were often seen doing cleanup.
    Marshals were around often and didn't interfere with any part of our game. They never spoke unless spoken to.
    The clubhouse has a nice pro shop and some nice souvenirs and pricing wasn't as high as expected. Meals were decent.
    Part of the clubhouse also houses the GAO (Golf Association of Ontario) and their Hall of Fame. We went inside for a brief look around. It didn't contain a lot of items to see but at least I can say I've been there. GAO staff didn't seem readily available to chat as no reception was at the door. I don't think any one knew we came and went.
    Wooden Sticks does have a few Stay and Play cottages and these appear quite cozy. They didn't appear to be used from my observations.
    The Wooden Sticks scorecard has one of those top down fold over nines that I rarely see and personally don't like.
    Every about Wooden Sticks is professional.
    Wooden Sticks was one course I was really looking forward to playing. The idea is great and the course was in top quality condition. You can tell that a great deal of though went in to every aspect. Perhaps this is why I didn't feel comfortable playing there. All the little extra took me out of my comfort zone.
Photos: 2009-Jun-05

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