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White Sands Golf Course (formerly "Orleans Golf Academy")
1705 St. Joseph Boulevard, Ottawa (Orleans), ON  K1C7C6
Tee Times: 613-837-4653

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    Designed by one of North America's most respected course designers, Graham Cooke, this nine-hole par-three track is beautifully laid out, very challenging and nice and close to home.
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Date: 2012-Feb-19 Update by Dan P
    Since the writing of this review the Orleans Golf Academy has been renamed to the White Sands Golf Course. As well, it appears the pricing has been adjusted to be more reasonable and suitable to the market it supports.
Date: 2007-Sep-07 Review by Dan P
    Great shape to the greens. Reasonable size but not a lot of contour.
    Decent fairways, but since the course is a 9 hole par 3 there's really not much reason to be on the fairway.
    For a par 3 the tees are in excellent condition. Divots as to be expected but tees are flat and have excellent yardage signs for each of the three tee sets per hole.
    Nice layout for a par 3. Lots of water, great bunkers, and good variance in yardage.
    Ouch. Everything is nice except the price. We played a round in about an hour even with hitting a few extra shots on some holes. I've play some full 18 hole courses for what I was charged for this 9 hole executive course.
    If you're not a great tee iron hitter then the layout can produce quite a challenge. Bunkers and fescue are a bugger to get out of. Throw in the water and wind and an amateurs score can quickly add up.
    Not the most pleasant location as the Orleans Golf Academy is located on the south side of the Queensway (the major Highway running through Ottawa). Numerous cat calls were heard from passing vehicles.
    A quick here's the buck and course is over there.
    No clubhouse but Nevada Bob's is onsite for a quick browse at what you'd like to own.
    Parking lot is ample for both course and driving range.
    Scorecard is very basic but probably is all you need for a quick 9 holes.
    Nothing extra on course. No benches. No ball washers.
    Conveniently located.
    The Orleans Golf Academy is great for a quick stop on the way home to practice your iron game. I just hope you can afford to stop.
Photos: 2007-Sep-07

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