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Whirlpool Golf Course
3351 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON  L2E6T2
Tee Times: 905-356-1140 Clubhouse: 905-356-7221 Toll Free: 866-465-3642 Fax: 905-356-7273

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    Dramatically situated next to the mighty Niagara Whirlpool or bordering the historic grounds of the 1814 Battle of Chippawa, Niagara Parks Golf courses feature challenging designs by renowned golf architects. The single most incredible public golf experience in North America, Legends on the Niagara features 45 holes of golf designed by Douglas Carrick and Thomas McBroom. Whirlpool Golf Course is one of Canada's most highly rated and renowned public golf courses. This championship course was designed by the famed architect Stanley Thompson, also known as "The Toronto Terror".
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Date: 2007-May-28 Review by Andre M
    The greens were in good shape and average speed. Limited contours and good size made for relatively good results on the putting greens.
    The condition of the fairways were above average for a course that gets a lot of play. Very few bunkers and very little water made for relative risk free play.
    The tee-off zones were good and the yardage was very well indicated.
    The course was very well designed and had some change in elevations that were interesting and challenging.
    At $74 for weekend golf this course is of average value. Its not spectacular and for that price I would strongly consider other options in the region.
    The course was not difficult as there were very few bunkers, water hazards and out of bound areas. I was erratic on several occasions and was never punished. This was great for me but is a sign of a relatively easy course.
    The course was neat and well groomed with some good looking holes.
    The staff were friendly but very busy due to the amount of players on the course. Pro shop were very informative and gave us some great advice on local attractions and restaurants.
    Good pro shop and club house facility.
    No fancy add-ons on this course.
    Good golf course that is not very difficult but seems to be appreciated and valued locally.
Date: 2007-May-28 Review by Dan P
    Type of grass used on green made them appear speckled. We were told this would fade as the weather became warmer. This colouring did not affect the roll of the green, however, you could tell the greens were well used.
    Fairways in decent shape, although yardage markers were short and a bit hard to see.
    Tees were well used and a bit rough on par 3s. Four sets of tees ranging from 5200 yards to just over 7000.
    A variety of design. Some beautiful holes and some drab. My personal favorites are holes #2, #14 and #18.
    A bit of elevation change but nothing dramatic. Elevation change fits in well with each hole.
    Whirlpool is a delight to play at least once.
    Local citizens of Niagara can purchase a card that allows them discount rates. Well worth the $5 investment. Even without the discount the price is quite reasonable for a top notch public golf course.
    Reports on difficulty will probably vary as Whirlpool offers variety. Hole #1 is basically a grip and rip straight away par 4. Hole #2 immediately challenges your ball placement skills with a gradual downward sloping fairway to a green surrounded by bunkers with a pin placement that could be tucked behind water.
    Situated on the north side of the Niagara Parkway, it only takes a strong iron to send a ball into the Niagara River on hole 18 (or a bad drive off the tee). The fountains in the ponds beautiful the holes where there's water.
    Some of the bush is quite dense but you really shouldn't end up there unless you deliver and extremely bad shot.
    Most helpful staff! We had a number of question to ask the Pro Shop attendant and he provided us with written directions. Starter was busy as the course was busy even for a mid-afternoon in late May.
    Beverage cart was around often.
    Very nice appearance. Pro Shop is a fair size and good selection.
    Club drop off and golf carts are a good distance apart so there's some walking to get a cart or drop one off.
    We got crossed up at one point as to where the next tee was and had to refer to the scorecard to fix our error.
    Lots of storm shelters around the course.
    Someone told me it used to be tradition to drop a ball and knock it into the Niagara River on hole 18. I believe my tee shot on 18 honored this tradition on 18.
    Whirlpool has it's good and bad points. There's a few great holes and a few not so great.
    Course conditions are about as good as one could expect from so well a played course.
Date: 2007-May-28 Review by Greg J
    The medium sized greens were quick and smooth. There was nothing too difficult and pin placements were varied and fair
    Fairways were in good condition with the standard 100, 150 and 200-yardage markers. There was very little rough between adjoining fairways.
    The condition of the tees was good and most were level. There were five different settings used to allow for several possible lengths on any given hole.
    The course had a reasonable variety of holes with a couple signature-type holes that were very attractive. A few had fair elevation changes. In general there was little to separate adjacent fairways. We frequently saw people playing from fairways other than the one for the hole they were playing.
    A nice course to play for the price. The round was enjoyable, and I would certainly return.
    A good challenge for the average golfer. There was nothing too difficult here for the low handicapper.
    Beautiful location along Niagara Drive. The course has a very neat look to it and between holes is well trimmed.
    Staff was friendly. I don't recall seeing a beverage cart any time during the round.
    Beautiful clubhouse and large, well-equipped pro shop. Ample parking in the large paved parking lot.
    Nice touch on the scorecards showing the width and depth of every green along with the daily pin locations. Directions to the next hole were always clear and the cart paths were in good condition.
Date: 2007-May-28 Review by Dan L
    One could say the greens were well used, but considering the number of people who play there, I'd say greens were in pretty good shape overall. They were medium-sized greens with fairly limited contours, which made for easy reads and putts.
    Again, considering the amount of people who play there, the fairways were in decent shape. What was lacking was better yardage markers that were visible from farther back. An easy fix I think.
    Well used tees, but overall, pretty good. Some work needed on the par 3 tees.
    There was a nice variation from hole to hole, but nothing too dramatic or difficult. There was some elevation, but again, nothing too difficult.
    Great price for a decent course. No wonder so many people play here. Nice work guys.
    An above average golfer should fair well here but, anyone in the high 90's or more will enjoy the difficulty levels they'll encounter from hole to hole. Let the rough thicken a bit, allow the underbrush to grow, and this course can play a lot harder.
    Whirlpool does have some nice looking holes. A great looking finishing hole.
    A friendly bunch, and very helpful with directions. We did see the beverage cart quite often considering it was only late May.
    They took their time to do it right. Nice sized clubhouse. Very well maintained. Well stocked pro shop. Fully paved parking lot with lots of space. Nicely done Whirlpool.
    I liked the way they added a few extra details on the scorecard with the size of the greens, the daily pin locations, including accurate directions. The cart paths were nice to get around on, but we did cross over one time but we were able to fix it in a flash.
Photos: 2007-May-28

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