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Tincap Golf Club
4551 Airport Road, Brockville, ON  K6V5T4
Tee Times: 613-498-4106

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Date: 2010-Jun-04 Review by Dan P
    Greens are reasonably large with mild contours except for hole #9/18. The finishing hole has significant contour and can offer a multitude of difficult pin positions.
    Pin location is identified by flag colour.
    Speed of greens was average to slow.
    The fairways are quite hard with visible weeds and clover (not that weeds and clover ever hurts ones game).
    Yardage markers are stakes in the middle of the fairway at the standard 100, 150, and 200 yard locations.
    It's not a given to use a driver off the tee on par 4s and 5s. Think before teeing off on holes #3 and #6.
    The tees are in decent shape and I didn't have much difficulty finding level ground.
    The tees on par 3s are a bit chewed.
    Yardage signs are visible on all tees except #2 (and I'm not sure why).
    Many bunkers are being worked on and for good reason. The existing bunkers have hard sand and are in need of a good cleaning.
    For a 9 hole course the layout is odd. The crossover between 3-4 and 6-7 can confuse the first time Tincap player.
    A view of the course from the road gives you the impression that the course is very open because the holes you see entering the parking lot are #1, 2, and 9.
    The course is flat and an easy walk.
    I was pleasantly surprised at the $15 price for 9 holes.
    The environment has a very quiet country feel and I got the impression a golfer could always walk on for a quick 9 holes.
    The first two holes are wide open and ideal for a long ball hitter. Hole #3 and #6 are a bit tight off the tee and you may want to opt for a long iron.
    A pond to the left of the green on hole #4 makes club selection very important when attacking the green.
    Tincap is a no frills course that has a simple layout. I didn't notice any extras on course during l\my round. However, it was obvious that work was in progress.
    I only had contact with one person and that was in the clubhouse during the normal exchange of pleasantries during the process of payment.
    Tincap has a nice clubhouse that suits the courses needs.
    There's ample parking for a full course of golfers.
    Tincap offers good value for a country style course. I'm sure the course relies on word of mouth as I haven't found a website and it doesn't appear to be highly publicized.
    I look forward to playing Tincap once the bunkers have been updated.
    At the end of my round a regular noticed that I had a GPS unit and asked me about it. I GPSed the course using my Bushnell unit and always submit the files to the company for download.
Photos: 2010-Jun-04

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