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Timber Ridge Golf Course
19 Timber Ridge Drive, Brighton, ON  K0K1H0
Tee Times: 613-475-1022 Toll Free: 866-228-4653 Fax: 613-475-1318

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    Described as a Hidden Gem in Ontario Golf News, this 200-acre beautifully manicured golfing paradise has bent grass greens and tees, lush fairways and thigh-high fescue. You will be challenged and rewarded as you enjoy this outstanding golf course.
    The course layout meanders through mature bush and open spaces that bring the Scottish heather lands to mind. Four sets of tee decks allow players of varying experience to play where they feel comfortable. With a slope rating of 137 from the gold tees the layout is not just about distance: Large undulating greens make great targets but look out for the 80 well-placed bunkers and long unruly fescue that await that errant shot.
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Date: 2006-Aug-20 Review by Dan P
    Large, with a great variance of contours but not to the extreme. A difficult putt can be had if your reads are right.
    Fairways are a nice width. Yardage markers are the standard 200, 150, and 100 and are nicely visible. Only a bad ball will make your second shot difficult.
    A portable GPS unit can be rented in the proshop if you want a little more accuracy.
    Four sets of tees with yardage ranging from 5160-6633 yards. Tees were a little mushy but I'd chalk this up to the heavy rain.
    Beautiful variation of elevations and challenges. Rolling mounds along the sides of the fairways can either help or hinder.
    A course that uses all the clubs in your bag.
    You won't play a better course for the dollar!
    Timber Ridge poses a nice challenge for all levels of golfers. There is a good buffer of rough between fairway and bush which makes straying complete off course truly your fault.
    The surroundings are pleasant and calm. There is no hectic city or highway nearby. Timber Ridge sits quietly, blending into the surrounding landscape.
    Even with the low numbers on the course because of the rain we encountered the beverage cart was still visible.
    Staff was courteous and most helpful.
    Not the largest of clubhouse but able to hold a decent size tournament, if necessary. There are no members at Timber Ridge to my knowledge so it relies completely on the public.
    Directions to each hole were excellent.
    A detailed course overview of the course can be had in the proshop as well as a portable GPS unit.
    The view of the course from the parking lot will have you reaching for your wallet.
    45 minutes before we arrived the course received a downpour of 2 1/2" of rain. Surprisingly, we were able to start at our planned tee time. Although the bunkers held water the remainder of the course drained exceedingly well.
Date: 2006-Aug-20 Review by Dan L
    This is tough to rate as they just experienced a rainfall of 2.5 inches in 45 minutes one hour before our tee-off, and it lifted the ball mark clumps and fill-in right out of the holes. Other than that, the greens were very nice, quick and lots of variations.
    Fairways were in excellent shape, nice enough to putt on. Very visible yardage markers with not too wide fairways. A real treat.
    Good shape, good angles, good size, good yardage signs, great views.
    Great variations from hole to hole, lots of wonderful elevations with nicely placed hazards. It's a beautiful looking course.
    Excellent course for the money, very enjoyable which wasn't too difficult if you play smart. I would definitely play here again.
    Not too difficult, but challenging enough for the average golfer. Played very well this day and only lost 2 balls in the bunkers...due to water overfill from the hard rain they just had an hour before.
    Beautiful scenery which they kept nice and clean, including the underbrush and overall neatness of the course. Nicely done Timber Ridge.
    Courteous and friendly staff. A true pleasure to meet and greet. Surprised to see the cart girl as often as we did, considering the rain we just experienced. Good work.
    Very nice clubhouse with a beautiful view of the finishing hole. Clean, nice design, great parking, and well organized...what more could you ask for.
    Excellent directions from hole to hole, nice cart paths, typical ball washers, nice scorecard and great portable GPS units.
    Thanks Neil and Cindy, we had a great time playing with both of you. Thank you Timber Ridge for allowing us the opportunity to play such a beautiful course. We truly enjoyed ourselves.
Photos: 2006-Aug-20

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