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Thundering Waters Golf Club
6000 Marineland Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON  L2E6X8
Tee Times: 905-357-6000 Toll Free: 877-833-3259 Fax: 905-357-6007

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    Thundering Waters is John Daly's first "Signature" golf course in Canada. The golf course features the high risk-reward style of John Daly to enhance the excitement for players of all skill levels. Thundering Waters combines the parkland tranquility of Augusta National and the wind swept dunes of heathlands British Open Championship golf. Sweeping fairways, undulating greens, sculpted bunkers and meandering creeks, all nestled between towering trees and mighty dunes combine to create a true masterpiece.
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Date: 2007-May-28 Review by Dan P
    I can think of only two greens where the was a bit of work being done or a blemish appeared. Large, with contours. A true challenge in the mid-season when a short cut is applied to the greens.
    Good conditioned fairways, clearly marked, and spongy. We were off at 8:00 am so the morning watering made the fairways excellent for hitting off of.
    With 5 sets of tee boxes there's a set for every mode of play.
    Bring a hammer! I use 3 1/4" tees and I often had to try various locations before I could finally get one in the ground.
    Top rate signs at the tee boxes.
    A "John Daly" designed course. Very creative for someone who's known for hitting a long ball. I found I had to think a bit from the tee box instead of using John's famous, "Grip it and rip it."
    Wow! I want to play it again today. View the photos on the Thunder Waters web site and you'll see what I mean. Although close to the $100 to play a round, this course is a must play if you visit Niagara Falls.
    Not difficult enough? Move back another tee box. There's 500-600 yards difference between each set of tees. A great combination of risk and reward.
    A beautiful course layout.
    On some courses if you hit a stray ball you can end up in a location that you say, "This is why I'm here." At Thundering Waters with a stray ball you'll be saying, "Why am I here?"
    Everything at Thundering Waters was done "top notch". Key positioning of a halfway house makes the use of a beverage cart unnecessary.
    We saw lots of maintenance workings busy throughout.
    We didn't have a change to wander any further then the Pro Shop but I would have little doubt that the facilities are A-1.
    Pro Shop had a nice selection, great hats, and even a John Daly selection (Did you think there wouldn't be?)
    Get a load of the ball washers. The look like Black Ryder Cups.
    Nice warm up area to practice putting or hit a few pre-game drives.
    Scorecard is a bit on the small side.
    Directions are well marked and the onboard cart GPS system is something from heaven.
    We played a lot of great courses in the Niagara region, all of the great. But Thundering Waters seemed to give that little bit extra to take it a step up from the rest.
Date: 2007-May-28 Review by Andre M
    Excellent well groomed greens. Great contours.
    Fantastic fairways you can literally eat off. Bunkers everywhere to force target golf. Choose your clubs carefully off the tee.
    Very well positioned and groomed. Very good view of what's ahead. Area was surprisingly hard to put tee into.
    A great design. John Daly should be proud. Hazards and water everywhere. You must play controlled target golf and be able to hit all your clubs. Wow!
    At $110 its expensive but its in my opinion the best in the region. We played seven of the best and this was my favorite.
    Hazards, bunkers narrow fairways. Our foursome found it very difficult and challenging.
    Gorgeous views throughout the course. Looking at the holes and the golf course layout was a treat.
    Right from the bag drop off the staff treated us very well. Friendly and helpful. Wow! Ground crew was very well trained and respectful to stop an let the players do their thing. A very classy team top to bottom.
    Very good clubhouse and halfway house. High class all the way.
    A lot of classy touches from the high end carts to cup style ball washers. Excellent.
    The best golf of the seven we played in the region. The golf experience was fantastic.
Date: 2007-May-28 Review by Greg J
    The large, quick greens had reasonable contours with none being too dramatic. Putting was true. Pin placements were fair with a mix of difficulties in pin locations.
    Fairways were in good condition and well maintained. Many were quite tight making the choice of driver off the tee rather risky for those who spray the ball. Markings were good with all the standard 100, 150 and 200-yard stakes. Many sprinkler heads also had yardage markings.
    Tee boxes were large and generally good, although on the day we played they were very hard. Five sets of tee blocks were available to play from to provide varying degrees of difficulty on every hole.
    There was a reasonable variety of holes, although a few too many for my liking where the smart shot was to leave the driver and/or three wood in the bag. There were many well-placed bunkers on most holes and not many elevation changes. A nice touch was that there were very few places where adjacent holes were close enough to one another to have balls from one hole coming onto the fairway of another.
    This is a quality course that requires a premium rate. The value is good for a course in this class.
    Good challenge for players of various ability levels. The narrowness of many fairways causes the difficulty to soar for someone unable to control his/her drives.
    Pleasant layout and surroundings. The course makes good use of the large trees in the area. If you hit into these trees, consider your ball lost since the underbrush is thick, and in some cases you can't even venture into it as quite a bit is marked as environmentally sensitive area.
    Staff was very friendly and talkative. We played very early in the day and did not see a beverage cart very often.
    Beautiful clubhouse. Very well stocked and well organized. There was a very large, paved parking lot.
    Top notch GPS system on the carts. There were attractive ball washers on every hole that resembled the Ryder cup trophy. The directions were very good to all but one hole. The fully paved cart paths frequently crossed between holes and signs made it quite clear how to get to the next tee. The halfway house was very well located in a spot where you came across it about five different times during your round.
    For a John Daly course, I was disappointed in the need to play target golf so much. I had expected wider, more open fairways to encourage a "grip it and rip it" style of play. The narrowness of the fairways makes this an impractical way to play this course unless your driving is very accurate.
Date: 2007-May-28 Review by Dan L
    Well, what can I say? Nice place to play with beautiful contoured greens. They were of varying size and difficulty which made each hole unique as to how to approach the green and at what angle.
    The fairways were in great shape with rolling hills throughout. Some of them were a little narrow, but I like that so it made it fun for me. Yardage markers were nicely displayed with markings on most sprinkler heads as well. Nicely done.
    Good size, good condition, but quite hard to stick your tee in the ground which meant you had to move around a bit to find a spot to shoot from. 5 tee boxes to choose from, with excellent signage throughout. The degree of difficulty varied dramatically from tee box to tee box.
    If you like variety, you'll love this place. Tight fairways, difficult 2nd shot in, some interesting pin placements, and nice contoured greens. Enjoy yourself.
    Great place to play for around $100. If you find that steep, then don't play in the Muskoka's. I've paid more for less around home, so it was a nice treat to play Thundering Waters for the money.
    If you're starting out and you score above 100, then this may be a bit too much for you; although I'd still recommend it as a treat. If you shoot below 100 you'll truly enjoy it, but it can make you humble.
    Considering you're literally 5 minutes away from downtown Niagara Falls, this place is just gorgeous with surprisingly no traffic noise. Take a minute and soak it all in. It's what golfing is all about.
    Pleasant, friendly, courteous and informative. What more could you ask for? The well placed snack bar was well received.
    Although we didn't have time to sit and enjoy the clubhouse, the Pro Shop had everything you needed. The parking lot and long entrance way in was all paved. Nicely done Thundering Waters.
    During our golf trip we were fortunate to have experienced nice weather throughout the week which made for great golf as well. This place had nice touches that brought it up a notch; like Ryder Cup ball washers, an amazing GPS unit which is attached to the cart, nice directions to the next hole, and a great bunch of guys to golf with.
    Like my friends mentioned, a surprising course design from John Daly. A target golf type experience and one that you won't forget.
    This was my favorite of the 8 courses we play that week while in Niagara Falls. Enjoy.
Photos: 2007-May-28

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