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Stonebridge Golf & Country Club
68 Hawktree Ridge, Ottawa (Nepean), ON  K2J5N3
Tee Times: 613-692-6093 Fax: 613-692-1537

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    Stonebridge Golf and Country Club is one of the finest 18-hole championship public courses in the National Capital Region. Professionally designed by noted architect Ted Baker, a Canadian designer best known for Lionhead Golf Club in Toronto, Stonebridge was constructed to USGA specifications in 1999/2000 and officially opened its doors for business on May 1, 2001.
    Spaciously laid out over 180 acres and nestled within the Stonebridge community, the golf course offers a wonderful blend of parkland and linksland golf. Stonebridge features bent grass tees, greens and fairways, undulating putting surfaces, more than 90 premium Temisca sand bunkers, and natural fescue areas. Special care was taken to preserve the natural features of this spectacular site. Stonebridge Golf & Country Club is now recognized as a "Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary" by the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System (ACSS). Stonebridge is the 29th golf course in Ontario, 56th in Canada and the 571st in the world to receive this honor.
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Date: 2010-Apr-14 Update
    Wow. Opening day for Stonebridge and I couldn't believe the excellent shape the course was in. I didn't expect the fairways to be so lush. And the greens were right there with the fairways. Besides a little damage that some kids had done to the 8th green, the courses was well worth taking a day off work.
    There's has always been rumors floating that Stonebridge would be purchased by ClubLink. These rumors have almost all but gone since the Stonebridge driving range was given up to housing. Close to the first tee is now some practice netting.
    The front nine now has a lot more housing development although, in most cases, there is a good cushion between course and private property.
    Even the pricing for opening day was fair.
    I'll try to get back and do an updated review for Stonebridge as the rating will definitely go up.
Date: 2007-May-18 Review by Dan L
    Greens were in pretty good shape considering it's still early in the year, mid May. Surprisingly fast for this neck of the woods. It was nothing to pass by the hole 3 or 4 feet if you didn't hit the cup. They were nice in size with some pretty tough pin placements.
    Great conditioned fairways with easy to find yardage markers. Some of the fairways were narrow when leaving the tee, which made you think before your tee shot. Nice yardage markers on the cart paths and the middle of the fairways. Well done.
    The tee boxes were in good condition with nice yardage signs that showed the layout of the hole... that really helped. The tee boxes were fairly standard in size and difficulty in most cases, but every now and then they'd hit you with a really tough tee box location, and when you play from the blue tees... it can be very tough.
    I enjoyed the different variations from hole to hole with the elevations, some fairly extreme hazards, lots of water, and some pretty big and deep bunkers... and I mean deep. Enjoy the beach boys, you may be in there for a while.
    It's one of the higher end courses in the Ottawa Valley, so expect to pay a little more than the average, but to me I think it's worth every penny. We're only talking about $10 to $20 more than most in the twilight hours.
    I enjoyed Stonebridge considering I haven't played it in about 6 or 7 years.
    It can be a challenging course if you're not hitting straight off the tee. Keep it straight and you'll do just fine. Miss here and there and you'll see/walk to all sides of the fairways, bunkers and water hazards. I lost a couple in the water but only because I was a bit macho trying to reach the greens from 240+ yards. Take the smart road people.
    Nice surroundings overall, but there are a lot of homes that crowd the course on a number of holes. I guess that's kind of the trend now. Built a golf course and see how many houses you can build around. I like playing a course that has more forest type feel to it... my choice.
    The starter was very nice and quite friendly. The staff inside were a little more stuffy/snooty. I think we saw the cart girl after the first hole, then nothing after that. I guess she packed it in early.
    The clubhouse looked nice but we didn't have time to eat or anything afterwards as it was close to 9pm by the time we finished up. Everything looked clean and well organized. The parking lot was nice and big.
    The weather was nice and we weren't working. The cart paths were nicely paved with yardage numbers painted on them, nice touch. It was easy enough to get around from hole to hole by following the cart paths... no guessing. Nice ball washers...
    It was nice to play it again, I enjoyed my evening, even if we had to wait for the group in front of us on every hole. Played well, shot well, and it didn't rain. All in all a good day. Try it!
Date: 2005-Jun-01 Review by Dan P
    Greens were a nice size and contours. A good selection of pin placements.
    The rolling fairways and changing size of water hazards and bunkers make it difficult to judge distances. Keep your eye on yardage markers.
    Tees aren't the usual colors. We played from the Sapphire tees which would be considered 'White' at other courses.
    The housing on the east nine sports a different backdrop then the west nine. The east nine is through a residential subdivision.
    Pricey compared to other courses in the area. $35 after 4:30 but difficult to get a round in at that time. $65 at prime time.
    Challenging because of the rolling hills and difficulty of judging distances.
    Course is in nice shape. The surrounding scenery isn't anything to write home about.
    I've heard complaints about Stonebridge strongly enforcing the speed of play. Although we did see Marshals on the course, our speed of play was never mentioned.
    Appearance from the outside is quite nice. Once inside the clubhouse seems a little small. It doesn't appear to be designed to hold extra activities.
    The day threatened of rain but we didn't get any. Toward the end of our game the bugs did get quite bad.
    Scorecard was flimsy and lightweight. I'd much rather have a cardboard one.
    At no time playing the East 9 did I ever feel that the housing could come in to play except on an extremely bad shot. When you did see houses nearby the hole was a Par 3.
    I've never had much luck at getting on Stonebridge at the time I want. The demand on the course is heavy.
Photos: 2005-Jun-01

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