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South Muskoka Curling & Golf Club
10 Golf Course Road, Bracebridge, ON  P1L1M6
Tee Times: 705-645-4221 Fax: 705-645-1679

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Date: 2006-Jun-10 Review by Dan P
    Very good conditioned greens and speed. Some of the greens had small tree leaves or seeds on them, the practice green especially. Perhaps it was the time of year. In general these didn't affect the roll of the ball but on occasion I did wish I had a shop vac.
    Fairways have just the right amount of width. Yardage markers were usually easy to find.
    Nothing to complain about the tees and I like excuses.
    Not as many rolling hills and water as some other courses in the area.
    By comparing the price to play other courses in the Muskoka area you'll probably find that South Muskoka is the best value going. If I lived in the area I'd be buying a membership.
    Many of the courses in the Muskoka area are on the challenging side. South Muskoka is a course that can be played by everyone.
    It's hard to beat the Muskoka landscape for beauty.
    I understand there was a recent facelift done on the course but I couldn't find where. Everything blended so nicely.
    With a warm greeting to the start of our golf tour, South Muskoka set the level of friendliness. I'm sure we chatted to at least 6 different staff members and all were courteous and pleasant. Two thumbs up!
    Not the prettiest or the biggest I've seen but it does the job. Clubhouse also contains a curling rink which is used for club storage in the summer.
    Parking lot and surroundings are well maintained.
    Fish and Chips at a reasonable price hit the spot.
    Nice to see a scorecard that shows where the washrooms are. They were the cleanest I've seen on a golf course.
    Easy to find your way around the course.
    Not as much water as I'd like to see on a course but that has nothing to do with a rating.
    If I'm back in the Muskoka area, I'm planning to play South Muskoka again. For the price and the challenge it's just right for my skill level.
    Any job openings?
Date: 2006-Jun-10 Review by Dan L
    Greens are in very nice shape and good size overall. Quick speed with cool contours. All pin placements seem to be in the middle of the greens on every hole. I'm sure they mix it up sometimes, but not on this day.
    Fairly tough and tight, but still playable for the average golfer. Great condition with no winter kill anywhere. Lots of fun.
    Really good shape and decent size boxes. We played from the Blue tees, so they were in good shape.
    I truly liked the different variations from hole to hole, with some pretty tough dog-legs. Nicely done using the beautiful landscape and all.
    Well, considering you're in the Muskoka's, this has to be one of the best value for the money at $60 a round. I would definitely play this little gem again.
    Not as tough as the others we played while in the Muskoka's, but still tough enough for the average, or even above average player. Keep it tight and you'll do fine.
    What can I say, it's the Muskoka's. How can you go wrong? It truly is a beautiful part of the country.
    Super nice people. I just drove in from Toronto and they kindly drove me out to meet my foursome on the 5th hole, and I enjoyed my drive with Jason who discussed a few things with me about the course. Keep up the great work!
    Hard to rate this part as I was only in it for a minute or two until they drove me out, and we left right after the round. Maybe the others would have more input on this.
    Not much you can do about the weather, but the rain did hold off until Sunday... see The Rock. Cart paths were nice and even (gravel) and their was good signage from one hole to the next.
    I truly enjoyed myself and shot a 73, of course that doesn't count the first 4 holes that I missed while driving in from T.O.
    Best value for dollar that we played that week. Nicely done all. Thank you.
Date: 2006-Jun-10 Review by Terry L
    I found that all the greens played the same speed, FAST! It didn't take much to get the ball rolling which in turn meant your ball would react to every contour. This I really enjoyed. You were forced to take your time and read the green. Don't use the practice green as a sample of what you are going to play on as it is not close to what is on the course. I'm not sure why it was there in the first place.
    Very nice fairways. Lots of width and clean where you might go to look for a ball. The yardage markers were easy to recognize and were true to the yardage specified.
    The tee boxes were in nice shape and as with most courses in the area, they were large enough to afford a clean flat spot to rocket a ball from.
    Not as hilly as the other courses we were about to play but very nice all the same.
    For someone as cheap as I am, this course I could call home. The price was very reasonable ($60 prime). I'll return for sure.
    Here is a course that everyone can enjoy and one where a novice golfer would come away looking forward to their next round.
    All I can say is the Muskoka area is beautiful and I'm very surprised that I haven't been here sooner. The next trip will include my better half that doesn't golf but will enjoy the scenery and, yes, the shopping as well.
    Very nice folks. Ready to help answer questions and make your round as pleasant as possible. They were genuinely happy to see us and showed it. A real pleasure. Thanks!
    Well contained clubhouse. The restaurant, clubhouse, club storage area, curling rink, and change rooms. Everything all under one roof and very nicely arranged.
    This course was so clean and nice to play that mixed with the cost and the nice weather I will play this course again.
Photos: 2006-Jun-10

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