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Seguin Valley Golf Club
144 Badger Road, Otter Lake, ON  P2A2W8
Tee Times: 705-378-2555

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    Seguin Valley is part of a spectacular 1000 acre northern wilderness property that features several ponds, lakes, rocky ridges, creeks and wetlands. The course measures from 4,395 to 6,735 yards with multiple changes in elevation throughout the layout. Five tee decks per hole allows players of all skill levels to equally enjoy the beauty and challenge of the golf course.
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Date: 2006-Jun-12 Review by Dan P
    A variety of sized greens throughout the course. The odd blemish, but overall they were still in excellent shape.
    Spongy fairways in places which made it easy to take a divot. I'm not really sure how the fairways handle water as much of the course seems to be built through marshland. However, excellent condition at the time we played.
    Five sets of tee boxes to choose from. Ask in the pro shop which one is best for you. Don't simply go by the distance as each tee provides a different challenge.
    Use of the surrounding landscape is magnificent. This course is build on a huge chunk of land and the distance between holes can be quite a drive.
    Up and down. Drive. Up and down. Drive. I suggest you don't walk!
    For the challenge alone it's worth every penny.
    Very difficult for the novice golfer. I wouldn't recommend my wife play the course as I don't believe she could reach the fairways on some holes.
    Accuracy is very important. You'll want to pull out a few extra balls on some holes just to see if a shot can be made. Hit a ball to the fairway on #15, then pull on a ball and dare yourself to reach the green.
    Thickly forested and lots or marshland. You can never see from hole to hole. I can't imagine what else this land could be used for except a magnificent golf course like Seguin Valley.
    No beverage cart on this day.
    Course was very quiet which is really quite a shame.
    Staff was very friendly and offered lots of advice and tips. I probably should have listened as the course gave me quite a challenge.
    Although the clubhouse was in place, the clubhouse is not complete. The frame is build and it looks like it has all the makings of beautiful finished facility.
    The parking lot is large, but unpaved at present.
    An easy course to navigate because there's only one direction to go. I sure wouldn't want to be caught out on the course and have to find my way back to the clubhouse.
    The horseflies were killers.
    Seguin Valley was a great challenge. Holes #7 and #15 are two holes that I marvel at.
    The $300,000 floating bridge on #7 is spectacular. Everyone will want to drop a few balls on the floating tee.
    I've never seen anything like hole #15. To the left is a high rock face and the pin was just peeking out some 220 yards away surround by marsh. From the suggested landing area to green is about 100 yards but tee to pin is very tempting.
    At the time we were playing Seguin Valley discussions were in progress for the sale of the course. The owner of the course had passed away which is why the clubhouse is not completed. Let's hope a new owner is right around the corner and can add the bells and whistles needed to make Seguin Valley one of the elite courses in Ontario.
    Seguin Valley is the closest thing I've played to the fantasy course of my dreams.
Date: 2006-Jun-12 Review by Terry L
    Now this is what it feels like to putt on well kept greens. There were greens of all types and sizes, some large and flat, others with two or more tiers, The important thing here is all the greens played the same speed and were true to the read, Excellent.
    If a divot is what you are used to taking this Seguin Valley will be right down your alley. Soft and very nice to play off of. Again, a real treat.
    There is a tee box for all levels of golfers (five to be exact). In some cases it is quite a distance from tee box to fairway so if you're not a long ball hitter, don't be shy to move up to the tee box that better suits your game. I guarantee you will enjoy the round a lot more.
    Since this was my first time in the Muskoka area I was in for a real treat. Not only was the scenery magnificent they went and added a golf course to make it that much more enjoyable. The way the course weaves it's way through the hills is really a treat and one you will talk about for some time to come.
    For what you will get out of a course like Seguin Valley, spend the money and enjoy yourself. I know for myself that this is a course I would play all the time.
    Not for the golfer just starting out. I like to think of myself as a seasoned golfer and there were times I was frustrated enough I wanted to, well, you know what I mean. There are holes where you will want to try a second shot. Bring plenty of balls.
    Not enough can be said in the area of scenery. The course must have a thousand employees. Everywhere you looked work was being done or things were being kept clean. What a nice change compared to some places we've played.
    The few staff that were very nice and well informed about the course. To be fair, the course had few golfers playing. I found this to be surprising considering the course is so nice. I fully enjoyed talking golf with the employees.
    Seeing as the main clubhouse is on hold until a new owner can be found, the trailer which is being used as the clubhouse is nothing more than that. Once the main clubhouse is completed I have no doubt it will be beautiful.
    When a course is cut out of terrain such as this then navigation is a no-brainer. Pick your spot and go for it. Above all, enjoy the surrounding as it is a sight to be seen.
Date: 2006-Jun-12 Review by Dan L
    Good green variation of sizes and contours. Nice and true to play on.
    Beautiful fairways. Wow, slice a piece of turf like nothing...
    Great tee condition and very nice scenery from the tees.
    A great variation of holes and design. Amazing what you can do with land like this... nicely done.
    Great price for such a great course. Definitely worth every penny. You won't be disappointed.
    There are some wonderful variations from one hole to the next so you have to say to yourself... just do it. Their's a nice par 3 on #7 with a $300k bridge just to reach the green, truly amazing.
    Way to use the beautiful landscape of the Muskoka... I couldn't have done it better myself... ha ha. Good job.
    Friendly, polite, helpful, and courteous staff... What more could you ask for? No beverage cart, but we made due.
    Clubhouse not completed yet, but what I've seen so far should turn out nicely. Something to do with the passing of the owner and of luck.
    Everything you'd expect and more... and once the new clubhouse is done it would warrant a 10.
    Great job Seguin Valley, I hope the ownership issues work out for you and we get another chance to play you again.
Photos: 2006-Jun-12

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