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Ridgewood Golf Club
4402 County Road 10, Fournier, ON  K0B1G0
Tee Times: 613-524-5555

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Date: 2008-Jul-25 Review by Dan P
    Greens are very small and generally round in shape so no pin location identifier is required. Greens are also slow and a cut a bit long.
    Grass around cup was not trimmed well and overhung the hole.
    Grass was green and lush but not really a factor for the first 6 holes (all par 3s). Landing in the grass produce next to no bounce or roll. On the last 3 hole (all par 4s) there really didn't appear to be any fairway cut.
    Par 4s had 100 yard posts at the fairways(?) edge.
    I use 3 1/4" tees and my ball barely stood over the grass on the tees. I doubt someone who normally plays par 3s off the ground would want to do so on this course.
    Text on yardage signs was very small and could not be read from standing on the tee box.
    An easy course to follow once you find out where the first hole is.
    Ridgewood is flat.
    The scorecard indicates a lot more bunkers then are actually on the course.
    Very inexpensive and if you're looking for a very quick 9, this is the place to visit.
    The difficulty is in the size of the greens and the length and thickness of the grass off the greens.
    Hole #6, a long par 3 over the corner of a field, is the only real challenging hole on the course.
    Nothing special to see on this course.
    Course is clean and very presentable.
    All trees except for one appear to be a planted during construction or post construction of the course.
    What staff we saw was busy but we never had much of an encounter beside paying our money.
    Small, but sufficient the the style of course.
    Nothing to purchase in the way of golfing needs.
    A nice little driving range on site and the course flows around the outside of it.
    Scorecard is more than adequate.
    No tee time booking should every be required.
    An easy walk with no real need to ever pull a wood out of your bag. Practice your short game at Ridgewood.
Photos: 2008-Jul-25

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