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The Rideau Glen Golf Club
111 County Road 44, Kemptville, ON  K0G1J0
Tee Times: 613-258-4404

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Date: 2007-Jul-14 Review by Dan P
    Greens are small but in reasonable shape.
    The green on hole #3 is about 5 yards wide and 60 yards long. Odd.
    Fairways are average. The can be a bit tight at times.
    There's a narrow fairway on the 8th hole with an extra penalty shot awarded for going out of bounds on the right. Apparently to protect cottages.
    Rarely is a 150 marker found as the course is quite short. Look for 100 yard markers.
    I couldn't find a yardage marker on hole #5 when I needed it.
    Tees can be sparse and uneven.
    Course contains no par 5s. Many par 4s are reachable in one with a 250+ drive.
    After playing the Rideau Glen I had the feeling that there must be some way to change the order of holes on the course to shorten some of the walking distance between tees.
    A bit of a hike between holes #11 and #12.
    Very few bunkers and only visible around the greens. You major hazard is the bordering tree line.
    Not a bad test and a game can be easily played in under 4 hours.
    Many straight holes with nothing but woods to worry about.
    Hole #8 can be tough for any level of skill.
    Trees and grass, mixed with a touch of water is about all you'll see.
    Very surprised to see that there wasn't a beverage cart. The course was busy with a few family tournaments.
    We were told to tee off on the front 9 because it was open. Not. A family tournament of 22 people were ahead of us. We started on the back 9.
    Pro Shop had a few unique items which I was surprised to see.
    Not an exclusive facility to hold a large tournament but seating is available for 100 people inside and in excess of 120 on the patio.
    The scorecard shows 4 holes with the same yardage for both Men and Ladies. Never during our play were the 2 tee sets located in the same location.
    Many yardage markers are questionable (although set by the QGA). My GPS unit and club yardages tell me different.
    It's tough to find a ball washer.
    The Rideau Glen is a nice country course that does have its bright spots. A good learning course with a length that makes it enjoyable for families.
Photos: 2007-Jul-14

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