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Richmond Centennial Golf Club
3797 Joy's Road, Richmond, ON  K0A2Z0
Tee Times: 613-838-4791

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Date: 2007-Oct-21 Review by Dan P
    Greens can vary quite a bit in size. Relatively good shape but not particularly fast (probably due more to the time of the year). Not much contour.
    Huge green on #15.
    Three sets of tees although the scorecard only indicates one set.
    Some signage at the tee differs from the scorecard making distances questionable.
    Birdhouses mark the 150 and 100 yard distances from green.
    A large net borders the left side of fairway #1.
    The grass on the tees was longer than most fairways. I use 3 1/2" tees and the ball didn't appear to stand much above the grass.
    Poor tee placement on hole #5. It's directly to the left of the green for hole #4 by about 10 yards. Stay on guard!
    The course design may have more to do with the conservation areas and not necessarily by choice. A few holes (mainly on the back 9) are bordered by these areas or are located mid-fairway creating some sharp doglegs. These holes tend to be short in yardage and are nearly impossible to reach from the tee. Case and point is hole #10 which is a par 4 at 220 yards. The green is tucked hard left. I used a 5 iron from the tee, hugged the left hand side, and was about 20 yards from the green.
    Few bunkers but the ones that are there are nasty.
    Course is flat.
    Very reasonably priced even on the weekend.
    The thick grass around the greens (thicker than the fairways) make short chips difficult.
    Tight fairways on the back make club selection key.
    Conservation areas are not to be played out of or entered.
    Holes #12 and #15 can easily produce an inflated score.
    In the early season I would the that bugs would be an issue as the conservation areas look like prime breeding grounds for mosquitos.
    Mature trees throughout the course.
    Pro Shop attendant was pleasant. We didn't see any staff on course.
    Plain clubhouse. The only thing in shop I noticed that was golf related were tees.
    Parking lot had ropes to filter traffic but they didn't appear necessary.
    Ouch on the scorecard. The three tee yardages should be listed.
    Another sign indicating where the back 9 starts would be nice.
    Course is not real friendly around the tees. There doesn't appear to be very many benches and location of ball washers can be hit and miss.
    A pleasant, reasonably priced course where the whole family can go.
Photos: 2007-Oct-21

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