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Piper's Heath Golf Club
5501 Trafalgar Road, Hornby (Milton), ON  L0P1E0
Tee Times: 905-864-1025

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    Piper's Heath is a stunning 18-hole championship course designed by renowned golf course architect Graham Cooke that's strategically located in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area. Piper's Heath was named to ScoreGOLF Magazine's list of Top 100 Golf Courses in Ontario in 2011.
    Golfers will quickly notice that Piper's Heath is a golf course that's different from most that are being built today. Cooke has hand-crafted a walkable 5,200 to 7,054-yard, par-72 layout that has its own Old World Charm. There is a spiritual quality at Piper's Heath that connects the ebb and flow of the rumpled landscape from hole to hole.
    "This is a course to be played with imagination and enjoyed for its challenge and beauty," Cooke says. "It's designed to be a golf course of anticipation with changing looks and scenes around every corner."
    The journey takes the golfer back to the days of the sport's first combatants; tight-angled, windswept mounds shelter the course and isolate the golf holes. Fairways rise and fall and green-site hollows ring the greens; deep, straight-faced bunkers frame greens and hide in unsuspecting corners. True to a links course, square tee boxes, innovative linear bunker lines, wide, generous golf corridors and elegant plateaued greens are all found throughout the site. Three watercourses thread their way into play adding drama and allure.
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Date: 2011-Aug-07 Review by Dan P
    The greens at Piper's Heath were in excellent condition and putts proved tricky to read because of the speed.
    Earlier in the day there had been a heavy rain yet balls didn't seem to hold. When approaching a green a near miss can see a ball roll down into a collection area making an attack on the pin a bit farther than anticipated.
    Greens were reasonably large and had a variety of shapes.
    Fairways were a reasonable width and in great condition.
    Stakes in the middle of the fairway identified the standard yardages to the pin.
    Many rolling mounds create a great presentation for each hole.
    Tees were all in excellent condition with ample room for repositioning of boxes every day.
    Five tee boxes to choose from ranging from 5,000 yards to just of 7,000.
    Tee boxes were all flat and showed normal wear of the par 3 holes.
    Piper's Heath is very, very flat so the mounding designed into the course plays a very important part in the design. There are very few trees so shade on a hot day is difficult to find. Straying into the fescue will make it difficult to find a ball and if the grass is wet you may want to avoid the effort and play the remainder of the round with dry clothing.
    Bunkering wasn't as soft as expected but then an earlier in the day rain had tightened them up. The few shots I played out had me hitting through sand to a solid base.
    Three holes brought water in to play.
    Piper's Heath is extremely well-maintained and was not as pricey as I expected for a course located around Toronto.
    Piper's Heath produced an excellent challenge and frustrated the heck out of me. I turned in my second poorest performance of the year and I have yet to figure out why.
    Although well-maintained and well-groomed, from the tee the course gives the appearance of being very repetitive. If you take a look at the course photos you'll see that many of the pictures look the same. This is not to say that many holes are the same as bunkering locations and yardages do vary.
    Staff were courteous as normal. The marshal was around a number of times and the drink cart visited us frequently.
    The clubhouse at Piper's Heath was smaller than I had expected. Large tournaments may require tenting or be outside and after a hot day on this less-shaded course I doubt that would interest many golfers.
    The parking lot is spacious. The bag drop is still a number of paces from the pro shop and golf carts.
    Piper's Heath is a very easy course to walk except on a hot day under the sun.
    The flow of the course is very easy but the cross over between nines could use a few larger signs.
    The scorecard does the trick but the course layout on the card could do with being larger.
    Piper's Heath is a Graham Cooke designed course and although I enjoyed my round the site of the course does not strikes me as a difficult piece of land to design a golf course.
    Although my overall score for Piper's Heath may not be high the course excells in the most important characteristics (greens, tees, and fairways).
    This is the first time I have ever seen the mention of a defibrillator on a scorecard (or golf course). Good idea!
Photos: 2011-Aug-07

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