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Pine View Municipal Golf Course
1471 Blair Road, Ottawa (Gloucester), ON  K1B4S3
Tee Times: 613-746-4653 Fax: 613-744-8773

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    Our 18 hole Short Course is a 4025 yard par 64 parkland style course that was designed by famed Canadian architect Graham Cooke. Our Short Course is a perfect setting for those just taking up the game or those more seasoned players who want to challenge their course management and short game prowess. This course demands a premium on shaping shots off the tee and managing your game in a stress free environment.
    The Pine View Municipal Golf Course was first established in 1972. Now the course has gone through an evolution. Design enhancements and improvements in agronomy have brought the Pine View Golf Course up to today's standard in conditions and playability.
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Date: 2014-July 27 Review by Dan P
    Pine View is under new management beginning 2014 and the course conditions have greatly improved. The greens are in much better shape and I am pleased to see effort being made in other areas as well. Keep up the good work!
Date: 2013-Sep-08 Review by Dan P
    After playing in a league for much of this season I have found the course to be greatly improved. In fact, when I played Pine View last year I noted that the course conditions were remarkably better. Still, there are some simple things that can be done at a very low cost.
    I am baffled at reading how much money the City loses operating this course each year. The course has a prime location and very easy access. I have many questions before I begin to point fingers.
Date: 2010-Apr-22 Review by Dan P
    This is my 5th round of the year and the previous 4 courses were in remarkable shape for the time of the year. Now I play Pine View. The greens are rough and the fairways are rough.
    I'm not sure whether it's the City that has clamps on the course for fertilizer and pesticides or if some other factor is in play. Whatever it is, it's concerning.
    The staff are always excellent.
    Greens fees are a bit higher than they should be for the quality of course.
Date: 2009-Sep-26 Review by Dan P
    I've always been miffed at how Pine View manages to rank highly in a local publications Readers Choice Awards. Every trip I've made to this course has left me disappointed and dumbfounded.
    I recently made another visit and played the Executive course and was not surprised to see grass and weeds growing in the bunkers. As usual, large ruts were seen on fairways made by tires other then golf carts. And to top it off, the greens were recently aerated. Now aeration is not a problem and at this time of year it is expected. However, aeration was performed in a circular motion around the green until the machine could not make a sharp enough turn. At this point the blades were lifted producing a rip in the green. Ouch.
    Just speculating, but surely a kid could be given a rack for the bunkers and someone could be taught how to properly aerate a green.
Date: 2009-Jun-29 Review by Dan P
    Every shade of green imaginable on the putting surface.
    Lots of unfixed ball marks.
    We were told that the first four greens were in rough shape and after that it got better. I can't say I noticed much, if any, improvement.
    Large chunks of sod removed from many fairways and left unfilled (they were filled with water on this day). Many in the area of 6 feet square.
    Fairways had many divots but this was probably more due to the high traffic on the course.
    For the first 3 or four holes we could not find any yardage markers. Hard to find.
    Tees were beaten and worn. Quite rough.
    Pine View is relatively flat; taking advantage of a small creek in a gully that runs through part of the course.
    Not a great challenge but a good place to learn golf. Fairly wide open and reasonable priced for being the closest course to Ottawa.
    The last time I played Pine View was over 20 years ago and not much has changed. It could be another 20.
    Great course for a beginner, not much for someone above this level.
    A plain course, often resembling a links style design.
    The only staff member I encountered was in the proshop. He was pleasant and courteous. We stopped after 9 and everything had pretty much shut down except for a party going on.
    Bar was closed except for the one in the party room. Where is everybody?
    Clubhouse appeared clean and neat. Ample parking.
    A huge scorecard for the Executive course and a tinier scorecard for the Championship course. Odd.
    A couple of holes have what look to be new cart paths. Although level with the fairway, when we tried to walk across these paths our feet sunk in 6 inches. Not sure what the purpose of these things are. A new hazard?
    Easy course to navigate.
    Why is the 18th hole in respectable shape and the rest are not?
    High traffic on this course may result in difficulties in keeping the course in good shape. Let's hope this is the reason.
Photos: 2006-Jun-29

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