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Peninsula Lakes Golf Club
569 Highway 20 West, Fenwick, ON  L0S1C0
Tee Times: 905-892-8844 Toll Free: 877-241-4653 Fax: 905-892-7687

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    Carved from the remains of an old sand and gravel quarry, Peninsula Lakes Golf Club is considered by many the "Jewel of Niagara". Designed by legendary Canadian Architect, Rene Muylaert, Peninsula Lakes Golf Club has been recognized by Golf Digest as a four and a half star facility.
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Date: 2007-May-30 Review by Dan P
    No complaints at my end on the greens. Nice size, shape and contours.
    Pin placement and greatly increase the difficulty of this course.
    Well maintained fairways. Lush. Nice width and well marked.
    Again tees, good condition. Greens, fairways, and tees were nearing immaculate. Four sets of tees but not overly long from the back.
    Great use of everything available. I usually find some place on a course where I can saw, "I would have done this", but Peninsula Lakes didn't give me that opportunity.
    Course can play very tough. Hillside hole #4 saw our foursome lose 6 balls, at least one by each.
    Some very scenic locations as you can see by the photo gallery.
    Pick the right time to play and Peninsula Lakes is a bargain like no other. I consider it to be a top notch course at a better than average price. A definite stop for any skill level.
    Their Stay and Play package is a great deal.
    Peninsula Lakes can squash you. Good course management is a necessity. The right amount of water with the right amount of bunkers, hazards and elevation.
    We played the Hillside and Quarry nines but I was told that some people feel the Orchard nine is the best. Guess who's making plans for a return visit?
    Find the perfect vantage point and Peninsula Lakes looks like a gem. From a few locations I was drooling.
    Staff was pleasant although they didn't appear to go out of their way unless asked.
    Nice location to overlook the course.
    We didn't get a chance to make a tour as we were rushed to make our return trip home. I can only assume the inside of the Clubhouse matches the course quality.
    Pro Shop was clean and orderly. A few items on sale at reasonable prices.
    Easy to navigate, clean, and well maintained. This is my kind of 'home' club.
    Peninsula Lakes is a beauty of a course that's located about 30 minutes from Niagara Falls. If you're in the area to golf, looking for quality at a reasonable price, then this course is a must stop.
    Rated 4 1/2 stars by Golf Digest in 2006 and every bit as high by Golf in Canada.
Date: 2007-May-30 Review by Greg J
    Exceptionally fast greens, and about medium in size with a good mix of pin placements. Their speed and consistency made these greens a real treat to play.
    Reasonably wide fairways were well maintained with the standard 100, 150 and 200-yardage markers. A missed fairway often meant being on an adjacent fairway or between fairways but without much trouble finding your ball.
    Good tee boxes with four sets of distances. A beautiful stone marker at each tee showed a map of the hole as well as the yardage from each of the tee boxes.
    A very nice mix of holes with each of the three nines having its own consistent style. There were several holes with nice elevation changes on the holes we played.
    A good price for a course of this calibre. We all enjoyed the course despite the fact that none of us was playing particularly well that day. This is one course that I would definitely play again!
    There is nothing too difficult here for the average golfer, but the course does present a reasonable challenge.
    A very attractive course and setting. Overall the course was very neat and well trimmed.
    Staff was friendly but appeared busy much of the time. There was a beverage cart that we saw coming around several times.
    The clubhouse and pro shop were attractive and well stocked. There was ample parking available in the paved parking lot.
    Cart paths were in good condition throughout the course. Directions to the next hole were always clear and easy to follow.
Date: 2007-May-30 Review by Dan L
    What can I say other than, "I was very impressed." Similar in speed and design as the Muskoka courses. Mid-sized greens that were quite fast and fun to play. Okay, difficult to play. They beat me bad. Nicely done Pen Lakes.
    Fairways. Nice, long, clean and tough, but fair. Great condition with proper yardage markers and good designs.
    Clean, well manicured, flat tees, with good yardage signs and course layouts. You gotta love your choices. With four tee boxes to choose from it's any man's game.
    Nicely done Pen lakes. I loved the variety from hole to hole. Well placed bunkers, lots of water hazards, and amazing elevation from hole to hole. Enjoy.
    You'll be surprised at how well-priced this place is considering the quality of the course. I expected to pay a lot more, especially after we played the course and saw how nice it was. Keep it up.
    This course was surprisingly tough, but, considering we just played 7 other courses in the last 4 days, I thought we would have done better. It ate us up, bad. I would place this right behind the Muskoka courses for difficulty and design. Great job.
    Beautiful! Check out the pictures we have posted with this course review. Now, imagine the elevation as you can't truly see that from the pictures, but it's there. I remember looking out from the Clubhouse and thinking how beautiful this place was and only 30 minutes from Niagara Falls.
    I would say friendly and courteous. But we didn't have much time to chat so rating them any higher or lower would be unjust. We did see the beverage cart quite often, so that was nice.
    I loved the look of this place especially the way it overlooked the course. Nicely landscaped and well laid out. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
    The weather was nice, the cart paths were easy to find and get around on, There was lots of ball washers.
    Well, Pen Lakes, kudos. I would love to go back and play this course on the first or second day of our travels and not after 7 games in 4 days. It's a beauty folks. Enjoy!
Photos: 2007-May-30

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