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Club de Golf Outaouais Golf Club
301 Outaouais Street, Rockland, ON  K4K1G2
Tee Times: 613-446-4490 ext. 226 Fax: 613-446-1700

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    The Club de Golf Outaouais is one of the finest semi-private golf clubs in the region. It is a 27-hole championship layout characterized by generous tree-lined fairways, gradual changes in elevation with fast, undulating greens. It features a fully stocked pro shop, a beautiful pavilion with bar and dining area, and a terrace overlooking one of our signature holes nine West.
    The Club de Golf Outaouais will provide you with a memorable experience, whether you are a member or guest of the Club.
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Date: 2013-Sep-03 Review by Dan P
    I only took 26 putts during my round but this did not have much to do with my putting prowess as my chips left me very close to the pin. I found myself very fortunate as many of the pin placements were very tough and green speed was quick. This was identified with a number of 3 putts and a 4 putt taken by other members in my group.
    The fairways struck me as being tight and the rough was thick and lush. Overall, the course was in very good shape.
    A couple of holes have very large bunkers protecting the greens. I often noticed how well-maintained the bunkers were and how few showed any use. The par 5 6th West has two large bunkers, one on each side of the green. We had a tee time just after 10am and I noticed that the bunkers were untouched. Amazing for the number of golfers that would have passed before us. Throughout our entire 18 holes we only had one golfer play from a bunker.
    Course management is very important at Outaouais. There's a couple of sharp doglegs that require well-placed tee shots in order to have a good approach to the green. Prime examples of this is the 9th hole of the South Course and the 9th hole of the West Course. The 9th of the West Course has long been renowned in the area as being an adventurous finishing hole. Not long in distance but it can make interesting entertainment for clubhouse patrons.
    The clubhouse is one of the nicer ones in the area which means the club hosts many tournaments throughout the golfing season.
    I have still yet to play the East Course at Outaouais but look forward to it in the future.
Date: 2012-Feb-17 Update by Dan P
    This winter the Outaouais Golf Club hosted four High Definition Golf Simulators. I have to say the graphics on the high definition screens is much better but I didn't find the play to be better. The Outaouais setup had a basic mat similar to a driving range with no variant mats for rough, long rough, or sand. Therefore, the overall score of a game is greatly reduced. Club distances were similar to my normal game except for the low and high clubs. My pitching wedge, which I normally hit 65 yards travelled a whopping 140 on one shot. As well, my 3 iron, which I normally hit 200 yards, could barely reach 160 on a clean hit. I don't expect Virtual Golf to be perfect and I do enjoy swinging a golf club at any time of the year.
Date: 2007-Jul-13 Review by Dan P
    Greens all appeared to be circular in shape with some having a slight contour. Good speed make tough chipping from the fringe rough. The fringe rough was thick and difficult to make a clean swing through. It was very easy to roll across the green if you didn't land just right from off the green.
    Fairways in good shape but a bit on the narrow side. Outaouais can be a very tough course for a novice player.
    Depending on the tee you're hitting from the location can have you often leaving your bag and walking.
    Yardage signs are not always conveniently located and you have to rely on them for hole layout since there isn't one on the scorecard.
    In general, par 4s are short and par 3s are long. A rather odd combination.
    Most par 3s really make you work for low scores.
    The elevation change on the West course holes #8 & #9 are a real test.
    Rarely was there a middle fairway hazard. Bunkers, except for South course hole #1, were only located around the greens.
    Quality of the Outaouais course is very good and the course is very mature. Location can be an issue as the course is located about 30 minutes east of Ottawa.
    Consisting of 27 holes, all holes at Outaouais appear to be in fine shape. A trip to play the East 9 is already in progress.
    With the tight fairways, Outaouais is a challenge for any golfer. I'm not quite sure why such a low course rating was assessed.
    Nicely trimmed underbrush makes it difficult to lose a ball off the tee.
    Over the years I imagine the land around the golf course has been developed. Such is probably the case with the 8th hole of the West course. The elevated tee now looks into a setting of condos where in its origin it probably looked into forest or field.
    The beverage cart seemed to stop around 5:00pm although the course did seem a bit bare at that time.
    A much needed starter would have been nice at our first tee as there was a foursome crossing over and a group standing on the tee waiting for someone still in the parking lot.
    Clubhouse looks nice from the outside but we didn't get a chance to peek inside.
    Parking lot is large and can accommodate a substantial gathering.
    Get a map on your scorecard! Although not a difficult to navigate there are a few holes where you wonder which way the dog leg turns. The yardage signs are not always conveniently located.
    The stairway around the Pro Shop is odd. You can't bring your clubs very close and getting to the first tee of the West course is odd if you don't know another route to get there. You may be lifting you bag up a few steps.
    Don't be afraid to make a trip east from Ottawa. Outaouais offers pleasant surroundings with the right mix of difficulty.
    Over the years I had heard a lot of stories about the finished hole on the West course and finally got to play it.
Photos: 2013-Sep-03

Photos: 2007-Jul-13

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