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North Granite Ridge Golf Course
476 South Mary Lake Road, Port Sydney, ON  P0B1L0
Tee Times: 705-385-0808 Toll Free: 866-385-0808 Fax: 705-385-0878

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    Designing this golf course within this type of landscape was truly inspiring. The variety of golf holes that play through these boulders and trees or utilize the elevations provided by the granite ridges is second to none. It was easy to find fabulous green sites framed by trees and granite without altering the terrain. A number of tee decks are perched on the top of these granite ridges, providing long-range vistas over forest, without a road to be seen or heard... it was beyond compare.
    If there is a hidden gem in the world of golf, then North Granite Ridge sparkles brightly. It is up to you to come and discover this place for yourself.
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Light snow (1–2 cm.) in the morning and overnight.

Light snow (< 1 cm.) in the morning.

Foggy throughout the day.

Foggy until afternoon.

Mixed precipitation (2–5 cm. of snow) throughout the day.
Date: 2010-Jul-01 Review by Dan P
    This is the first time that I had back to back days of playing perfect greens. I was told that last year there was some difficulty but I could see no indications of current issues.
    I had difficulty knowing the size and location of some greens because they were elevated and I couldn't tell whether the pin was close to an edge.
    There were some tricky contours but nothing extreme.
    All 150 markers are very prominent.
    Fairway conditions are better than most and are wide enough to allow some forgiveness yet an average golfer will still put a couple in the woods during a round.
    The current signage is being replace with, you guessed it, granite ones.
    There's a few spectacular views throughout the course. You'll want to hit from the tips on hole #3. It's a jaw dropper.
    Tees are a good size and yardages are easy to calculate.
    North Granite Ridge has a great layout. I enjoyed the front 9 a little better as I have a liking to elevation and rock exposure but I can understand why the routing of the course has been set to its current state. The course routing was recently modified and some golf GPS units will not reflect the changes. This occurred for us on the front 9.
    The bunkers are filled with silica sand and for once I didn't mind playing out of a couple of them. The silica sand added a brightness to the course.
    Are you looking for a bargain course in the Muskoka area? North Granite Ridge is a great track with great service. I've played a number of courses in the Huntsville area and very few can top this course at double the price.
    There's a good challenge to be had from all the blocks. There's only a couple of holes with water and even that is rather minor.
    If you've never played out of bunkers with silica sand then you're in for a new challenge.
    Positioning is key so you'll want to choose your clubs wisely.
    North Granite Ridge is a pretty course. Many of the elevated tees offer a special view and the occasional rock outcropping enhances a hole.
    The underbrush can be thick at times while other tree bordering areas will only give the option of playing a low runner to the fairway.
    One of the nice touches added the past year is the bag drop where you'll get some help removing your clubs as well as a friendly greeting. You don't normally see this except at a private or exclusive club.
    Every one we met from top to bottom treat us professionally and with interest. All our questions were answered.
    North Granite Ridge does not really have a clubhouse. It has a good-sized pro shop with a decent selection of golfing supplies. There's a nice patio area and a great outdoor grill which you'll swing by between nines.
    Most golfers in this area tend to visit a course for a round then it's back to cottage life. The current state suits the courses needs.
    It's too bad the course isn't a bit more visible during a drive by as viewing a hole or two from the road would certainly attract more players.
    North Granite Ridge is a quality course at a very reasonable price. It's too bad I didn't know about this gem when I was vacationing in the area last year as I know my wife would have greatly enjoyed this course.
    Thanks to Nick and Graham who joined us on our round.
Photos: 2010-Jul-01

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