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Morrisburg Golf Club
15 Laurier Drive, Morrisburg, ON  K0C1X0
Tee Times: 613-543-3282

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Date: 2008-Jun-08 Review by Dan P
    Greens were a bit on the smallish side but most were in good shape with decent speed. Pin placement was a guess but because of the size of the greens it wasn't much of a factor.
    Old style fairways and rough. All the grass was cut the same length. Too long for fairway grass and too short for rough. There is a possibility of losing a ball at any time.
    There was next to no roll on a drive. A pitch and run was no an option.
    Morrisburg is a nine hole course. Two sets of tee boxes are available (one for the front nine and one for the back).
    Only one hole, the 4th, had a tee box for ladies.
    Tees were in moderate shape but teeing area was often quite narrow.
    Morrisburg is quite flat. Located next to the St. Lawrence, it has a couple of holes that run along the shoreline.
    A bothersome power-line runs through the first three holes. There's a rather strong possibility of hitting the power-lines on the par 3 hole #2.
    Most holes are grip and rip.
    The course is quite inexpensive and cost is based on course design.
    Morrisburg can be a pleasant outing for a couple that want to play quick nine holes. I'd also consider Morrisburg to be a good learning course as there isn't a lot of danger one can get in to.
    The course rating indicates a very easy play. Very few hazards.
    Hitting from anywhere but tee or green will play like a shot out of the rough.
    Aside from the view of the St. Lawrence there isn't a strong presence of aesthetics. Many mature trees border the fairways(?).
    Beyond paying at the cash I can't say I encountered any other employee.
    No beverage cart appeared to be available but the clubhouse is never far away.
    Clubhouse was quite busy and many golfers appeared to be enjoying the warm day.
    There was much in the way of golf supplies available.
    Scorecard is very plain and lacks any colour.
    No need for an electric cart on this course. Easy to find your way around.
    Avid golfers will probably want to head down the road to play the Upper Canada course. The casual family traveler may want to stop for a quick play.
    The Morrisburg Golf Club probably suits the small community of Morrisburg well as I can see it having a strong social atmosphere.
Photos: 2008-Jun-08

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