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The Meadows Golf & Country Club
4335 Hawthorne Road, Ottawa (Gloucester), ON  K1G3N4
Tee Times: 613-822-2582 Fax: 613-822-6092

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    The Meadows is the largest public golf and country club in Eastern Ontario. Our 36 hole golf course offers a full range of services. We are conveniently located in the south end of Ottawa right in the heart of the city.
    We pride ourselves in offering 4 outstanding 9 hole courses that can be intertwined with one another giving our customers the most diverse game of golf each time they visit the meadows.
    Our facility offers and includes a chipping green, a putting green, a driving range and a full range of services that guarantees each golfer experience a fabulous round of golf.
    Our clubhouse has a capacity to host some of the largest golf tournaments in the city. With the capacity to seat 320 people our salons are also well suited for weddings, social events and corporate meetings.
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Date: 2008-Jul-31 Review by Dan S
    I'll have to say that if it wasn't for the goose poop all over the greens (and in the bunker) things would be acceptable. A lot of spike marks on the greens with people dragging there feet, especially around the pin.
    Conditions of the fairways are kept up to par.
    Tees are kept up to par.
    Very good value for the dollar.
    The course difficulty is not too hard as long as you keep it in the fairway. The rough is kind of long.
    Decent scenery, as long as you don't mind geese all over the place.
    I noticed that too many staff were working around the golf carts. Perhaps some of the could clean up the goose poop on the greens.
    Very nice clubhouse design.
    Very easy to get around the course; just follow the path.
    Overall the course is kept in nice shape; even with all the tournaments. It's not the golf course's fault that people can't pick up their feet on the greens.
Date: 2006-May-17 Review by Dan L
    Greens in very nice and in excellent shape. Just a little slow from the rain.
    Fairways in very good shape. Wide enough for the average golfer.
    Tees in great shape. Nice signs with good drawings.
    For 36 holes on one course, they do a good job from keeping you away from danger of other golfers. Fairly flat and easy to walk.
    Come back? Well, I guess. I've played it about 25 to 30 already.
    Difficulty depends on how well you're shooting and which 9 you're playing. It can be tough if you're off a bit. The trees can look huge and can suck your tee shots right in.
    No elevation changes, but they use the surroundings nicely with water hazards, bunkers and trees.
    Staff are always very nice and friendly to talk to.
    Nice big clubhouse. I've held a couple of tournaments there myself.
    Good signage, hole display, signs to next hole...everything you need to keep on track.
    With 4 separate nine's, it plays different every time you go out, which is what I like I guess. Keep up the nice work.
Date: 2006-May-06 Review by Dan P
    A great start to the season. No temporary greens and conditions were excellent.
    Very little winter kill. Fairways were soft and drainage seemed excellent as we encountered very little casual water after waiting nearly an hour for the rain to stop.
    Some tees are a bit uneven.
    Relatively flat course. Good use of ponds in the course design. Trees rarely come into play.
    For the condition of the course at this time of year it was very good. I'm hoping the course gets in even better shape as the season progresses.
    Not a major challenge for an average golfer. All four 9's strike me as being similar in design.
    Pleasant, but not breath-taking scenery. It's rare to play a round without seeing some geese resting on the fairways.
    Encountering the beverage cart once on the front and once on the back. The day was a bit cooler then you would want for a round so drinks were not a necessity. The usual courteous service.
    Very nice design. Men's washroom is a bit far from the lounge.
    Cart paths are a little rough. Scorecard is a little tight but then it's tough to compact 36 holes on one scorecard design. Easy to find your way around the course.
    The course is sometimes difficult to get on as The Meadows handles a large number of tournaments. I tried to book for the following Wednesday and all desired times were not available after 4pm.
Date: 2006-May-06 Review by Terry L
    Excellent green condition, if they can keep players repairing their ball marks we should be in for an above average season. There were no temporary greens the day we played which was a real bonus
    I found the fairways were just alright. they will still require a couple more weeks of growing to fill in the areas that were bare of grass but they were all playable.
    Tee areas always seem to be in good condition no matter the time of year. Moving the tee boxes frequently seems to be the answer.
    The meadows has been designed to accommodate all levels of golfer, there is lots of water and bunkers so as a result deciding where you are going to aim for should shave a couple of strokes from your score.
    This course, like others in the area, are very competitive in what they charge for a round of golf. With what the Meadows has to offer I think this is money well spent.
    Above average for difficulty. For the seasoned golfer there are many challenging holes that will have you returning for another round. For the golfer just starting the wide open fairways and clean underbrush should make for an enjoyable round.
    Very pleasant course, and clean.
    I found the staff very friendly. The day was quite cool and overcast and low and behold yes there was a beverage cart. The young person driving the cart was in winter attire but was there all the same.
    Very nice and clean clubhouse. Good variety of food and beverages the kitchen helps a lot in this area as they make a full variety of foods to satisfy even a terrible round
    Very easy to find your way around this course. With the amount of traffic on this course they wouldn't want anybody getting lost.
    Worth the time and money. Easy access to and from the 417. Book early as this is one of the busiest courses in the Ottawa area.
Photos: 2008-Aug-08

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