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Lanark Timber Run Golf Club
154 Caldwell Road, Lanark, ON  K0G1K0
Tee Times: 613-259-5313 Toll Free: 866-876-7064

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    Sculpted from the rugged Lanark Highlands, along the banks of the Clyde River, Timber Run has been described as a true "rustic gem". For a sign that will take your breath away, come and see our beautiful 10,000 sq. ft. clubhouse. With it's vaulted ceilings, curving staircase and inviting stone fireplace, it makes a wonderful setting for dinner or the wedding of your dreams!
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Date: 2009-Sep-24 Review by Dan P
    We played the course on Friday, September 11 and conditions were much the same. The course had installed a new green for hole #3 which is an improvement.
    Green #8 was virtually unplayable. It slopes dramatically to the front and I had a 30 foot uphill putt and ran it to within 4 inches in perfect line. The putt stopped, then proceeded to roll back further than where I started. The 14th green had almost the same result.
    I would suggest letting the grass on the greens grow a little longer until the slope of these two greens can be fixed.
Date: 2008-Aug-04 Review by Dan P
    Greens were average size and in very good shape. I couldn't figure out any pin locations as all flags were red in colour.
    Hole #3 has a hard slope left. My fairway short bounced in front and rolled on the right hand side of the green and the next thing I knew I was off the left hand side. Green #17 has a bit of a slope as well.
    Hole #9 and #14 have two tiers.
    Fairways are identified at 200, 150, and 100 markers. As well, rare 25 yard markers are visible. The markers are the plastic design which are supposed to fold down when grass is cut meaning they don't have to be removed. Many were damaged by the mower.
    Width of fairways is quite adequate.
    Tees tend to be a bit small which leads to the grass getting a bit chewed up. Sand boxed near the tees were be a recommended addition.
    Three sets of tee blocks to choose from.
    A few very nice elevated tees.
    Good course layout on a nice hilly terrain. Timber Run can be a tough walk. Many golfers walk half the course and ride the other.
    Not a lot of bunkers but there is a nice large one shared by #15 and #17. A large tree is set in the centre of this donut shaped hazard.
    A bit of water to contend with as well.
    Course is quite short at 5315 from the tips but feels like it plays much longer.
    Membership to Timber Run is very reasonable. For cottagers in the area it's worth a join. For visitors to the area it's a must stop.
    I was very impressed with the layout and cost to play the course.
    Stray shots can find water and trees but the biggest challenge will probably be the lie of the ball.
    Knowledge of the course layout will also greatly help your score. There's a few risk reward shots available.
    A nice country setting void of visible housing.
    Wooded areas can be quite thick so keep you ball in play.
    The course lacks a beverage cart. Ouch.
    Clubhouse staff was courteous as was the starter.
    One of the nicest nicest clubhouse interiors I've seen. The outside isn't much but inside is quite rustic and just pleasant to be in. The decor and high ceiling really give the feeling of openness and comfort.
    The parking lot is very plain and unpaved and the pro shop simply has the basics. They do rent clubs.
    I couldn't find a slope or rating for the course on the scorecard. Perhaps they don't have one.
    Not all holes have ball washers as just when I needed one there wasn't one to be found.
    Some cart paths are quite rough.
    Timber Run was a pleasant surprise. I didn't have high expectations of the course to begin with as I've never really heard any one talk about the course.
Photos: 2008-Aug-04

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