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Hylands Golf Club
2101 Alert Road, Ottawa (Gloucester), ON  K1V1J9
Tee Times: 613-521-4177 Clubhouse: 613-521-1842 Fax: 613-521-3694

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Date: 2009-Nov-01 Review by Dan P
    It's late in the season and I've probably got my last round in for the year. What a way to finish. The Hylands South course was in exceptional shape with no temporary greens. In fact, the greens were probably better now then when I played the North course in June.
    Both the North and South course feel very much the same in design. The one difference on the South course is the finishing hole. The 18th is the one hole on both courses with water and the pond can play a big factor in deciding a game.
    I'd rate the South course identical to the North as you'd just be splitting hairs in finding the difference between the two courses.
Date: 2009-Jun-20 Review by Dan P
    The Hylands greens survived extremely well over the winter. Many courses in the Ottawa area had excess winter kill. Hylands goes to great lengths to protect their greens and the extra effort is rewarding to members.
    The one mark against the greens has more to do with the practice green near the driving range which has contours nothing like what is on the course.
    Some winter kill still remains on the fairways. I was expecting a bit better quality from a private club.
    Some fairways are quite tight and consideration for using a long iron from the tee entered my head more than once.
    It was easy to find a good spot to place your tee and footing was not an issue.
    Four tee boxes to choose from ranging from 5300 to just over 6500 yards.
    Only one hole of the 36 appears to have water (South course #18). Well-forested areas can take a ball and although the trees can be dense, the underbrush can be quite clean.
    Bunkers are well groomed.
    A decent track but not exceptional.
    Membership is reasonable, if you can join. Varying pricing is set for military, ex-military, and public. Because of the number of members it can be difficult to get tee times at the time you desire on weekends.
    There's almost always a waiting list to join Hylands.
    A couple of holes really gave me problems but this was due to poor shot making. Tight fairways and knowing which side of the fairway to play to makes home course knowledge quite a benefit.
    Some well placed bunkers will almost certainly find you in at least one per round.
    Lots of trees. Planes are constantly leaving and landing the Ottawa International Airport which is located beside the golf course.
    Hylands is quite flat so beyond what lies before you and what flies above is all you'll see.
    Organization is top notch. Names are called in preparation for your tee times. I never saw a marshal. Maintenance staff was at a minimal. The only staff I had contact with was at the half way house.
    A tough category to evaluate on this day.
    Clubhouse was a good size. Clean. Able to host large events.
    Again, I didn't get a chance to tour the clubhouse and only viewed it from the outside.
    Pro shop has some unique stock.
    Each 18 hole course has its own scorecard.
    Some trees located on the airport side have been cut short for the planes. Noise can be a factor as planes are constantly taking off or landing. The Snowbirds were doing some test flights when we were there.
    The course has a very predictable route so navigation is not an issue. Some signage was visible.
    For the first season that I can remember Hylands memberships were available to the public. I understand they were snapped up in a day or two.
    Hylands has one of the largest memberships around and handles one of the highest round totals in Canada.
Photos: 2009-Jun-20 North Course

Photos: 2009-Nov-01 South Course

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