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Emerald Links Golf & Country Club
6357 Emerald Links Drive, Greely, ON  K4P1M4
Tee Times: 613-822-4653 Fax: 613-822-7801

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    Founded in 1990, Emerald Links Golf & Country Club, is a challenging course that weaves around and among the beautifully landscaped wooded areas and lakes. The "Bent Grass" greens, tees & fairways have been blended with its natural beauty making it ideal for golfers of all levels. The semi-private course was created by Architect Graham Cooke and the Patterson family.
    Want to escape the city rush, come and relax in our classic colonial-style brick clubhouse where our licensed restaurant will give you great food and friendly service. Try us once and we're sure the challenge and the friendly hospitality will win you over and have you coming back for more. We want to see you soon and often.
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Date: 2006-Jul-27 Review by Dan L
    Greens in great condition now that they've fixed them up since we played here in May. Good job.
    Nice shape to fairways with no more brown patches. Good yardage markers at 100, 150, 200 and 250, which I like.
    Tess are nice and clean, well kept, good in size, good yardage signs.
    27 holes with good variation throughout each nine. Fairly flat but nicely placed hazards which keeps you tight.
    Great value after 3pm, but a little pricey at prime time. Still worth it overall.
    It can play hard enough if you're not shooting straight and playing smart. But if you are, it can play very nice and be lots of fun. I don't why, but I always play amazing golf here..
    Surrounded by beautiful homes throughout the course which makes you wonder where all the money comes from. For being as flat as it is, it does have some beautiful scenery.
    Always been nice and friendly to me, but they're always too busy to chat... busy place.
    The clubhouse is nice and big, but lacking in overseeing the golf course... maybe a second level would help. Still good food and good service.
    Good weather, good golf, and good friends... nice job Emerald Links.
    Play it once and I promise you'll be smart.
Date: 2006-May-10 Review by Dan P
    Greens not up to the normal Emerald Links standards. At the start of the round the greens were poor but seemed to get a bit better later on. Still lots of bumps and dead patches.
    Fairways have decent shape and decent width. Always a safe, wide area to play to. Yardage markers can be difficult to find.
    Some tees line up at a poor angle and not where you want to aim your shop. Similar in condition to fairways.
    A good layout through some luxurious housing. Housing is far enough away that encounters with homes will be a problem. Good use of water.
    Twilight is a bargain. Weekend fees can be a bit steep for the casual golfer. The course is normally in very good condition but it wasn't up to their normal standards at this point in the season.
    I've always had trouble with this course and yet I don't know why. This course just doesn't play well for me.
    The bush is fairly clear and finding a ball isn't too difficult. Some very expensive housing can be seen on just about every hole. I wish I had the money.
    We were a little slow getting our round started. Partly because we were late and partly because a pair of our foursome had to wait to pay. Take our money, please.
    Plain clubhouse. There isn't anything here that would make me want to stay and have a drink in the bar. I'm not sure how the food is either. Parking lot is large.
    Easy course to navigate. Nice large scorecard.
    With 3 nines to play, each provides a different challenge. Bugs can be bad a certain times of the season.
Photos: 2006-May-10

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