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Deerhurst Resort
1235 Deerhurst Drive, Huntsville, ON  P1H2E8
Tee Times: 705-789-7878 Toll Free: 800-461-4393 Fax: 705-789-2431

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    Deerhurst Highlands was Score Golf's Best Resort Course in Ontario 2011, and was also ranked #11 of all public golf courses in the province in the latest Score Golf ranking. With additional tee decks, the rewards of this challenging Huntsville course can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels.
    Deerhurst Lakeside is great for a quick game, and for those just learning the game. What's more, it's family friendly. Enjoy public play that feels like it's private at this Huntsville course. From the moment you tee off at our Ontario golf resort, you'll feel like a pro. From the moment you enter our pro-shops you'll be treated like a member.
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Date: 2006-Jun-13 Review by Dan P
    The greens didn't look great but seemed to run true. Speed seemed to vary from hole to hole.
    Decent shape considering the traffic that goes through this course. Lots of varying lies for your second shot.
    A beautiful view from every tee.
    Simply a great layout. Start your round with rolling hills then cross over to links style for holes #4, #5, and #6. A touch of water, rock and sand. Deerhurst has it all.
    Holes #8 and #17 share a very large green that is almost unnoticeable from both tees.
    In spite of the unique design, Deerhurst Highlands is still playable by every one.
    A hefty price tag but the demand on the course is still high. Staying at the Deerhurst Resort with the golf package is the best value for your money. My wife and I did this a few years ago and it was the most enjoyable weekend away we had in a long time.
    Challenging for every level of golfer. You can shoot a good round one day and turn around and be destroyed the next.
    I love the use of the landscape incorporated into the design. This course was well thought out.
    Don't stray into the woods because you won't have much luck finding anything.
    Staff was friendly, but busy. There wasn't much time to chat as someone was always waiting.
    Marshal was around quite frequently asking how our game was going.
    Beverage cart was always moving.
    The parking lot was full! I'm not sure whether there's any way to expand but by all indications more room is needed.
    The proshop is very nice and the selection of Deerhurst hats and clothing is excellent.
    Steamers, a restaurant attached to the proshop, is a little on the pricey side and not quite what I'm used to for a post game meal.
    The detailed scorebook is a great souvenir to pick up. It has a detailed layout for every hole on both the Highlands and Lakeside courses.
    Directions between holes is very clear.
    Golf Digest has rated Deerhurst Highlands a 4 1/2 stars out of 5. There didn't appear to be any changes made to the Highlands course since the last time I played it 4 your ago. Why change success?
Date: 2006-Jun-13 Review by Dan L
    Wow, are these greens nice. A nice double green. Pretty good pin placements throughout, with some tough ones every now and then. Putted very well that day, so I may be a bit bias.
    Fairways were very nice; wide enough for the average under 100 golfer. Good yardage markers throughout. There were 3 links style holes, #4-5-6, which gave it a nice change of pace.
    Good size tees, good condition, with a few tough angles, but still nice to play from. Beautiful view from some of these tees.
    Well, I guess this is where I should have mentioned the links styles holes... oh well. There was more water on this course than the other 4 we played, which made it tougher, but nice.
    Tough to rate the value... for the average golfer, this was a nice expensive treat. Still worth playing for the money if you have a lot of loose change.
    Deerhurst can definitely be difficult if you're not on, but I was on this day. Even par after 7 holes, but the back nine beat me up. Ended up shooting an 87. Pretty good for the first time.
    Again, what can I say... it's a beautiful part of the country that's for sure. The course was well kept and there wasn't much underbrush. Nicely done.
    Very busy place. Looked like they had no time to talk to anyone... just pump them out one after the other. No choice I guess when you have a great course like this with so many waiting to play it.
    Nice clubhouse, but the pro shop could have been bigger. People were just lined up waiting to buy stuff... wow, was that wild.
    Weather cleared up nicely. Everything was in place, ball washers, paved cart paths, cool bridges and tunnels throughout.
    Well, I had a great round at a very nice course... what more could you ask for? Kudos Deerhurst.
Date: 2006-Jun-13 Review by Terry L
    Don't let the colour of the greens throw you off. They are true and very fast. A pleasure to putt on.
    Very nice fairways and easy to hit from. The fairways are wide enough to allow a little spray but not too much. Control is a big plus at Deerhurst. Yardage markers are easy to read.
    The tees were in very nice shape and large enough that teeing off from a flat clean area was no problem. The tee boxes were also set in a way that even the beginner golfer could reach the fairway
    I found Deerhurst Highlands to have a little of everything. Elevation, water hazards and the traps were all set in areas that will make you golf and just not hit the ball.
    I have a hard time paying fifty dollars to golf a round so it's not fair for me to comment on this one. I guess the price can't be too bad as the course was full the day we were there.
    This is a challenging course and one that was made for all golfers to enjoy. Remember, take your time. Some holes are quite tricky and you may spend a good deal of time looking for your ball instead of playing it.
    As with the other courses in the Muskoka area, the scenery is without a doubt beautiful. Even if your round is not what you were hoping for enjoy your surroundings. It just might bring your game back.
    I had the pleasure of speaking with many of the employees and not only were they helpful and polite, but pleasant and really interested in making your stay at the course a very enjoyable one.
    Very nice, clean, well lit, and well stocked clubhouse. Overpriced, like most clubhouses. But if you forgot something, chances are they have it. That in itself is worth the price. You will be met at the parking lot and the rest is paint by number.
    We had a lovely day for shooting a round; sunny and warm. Make no mistake, this is a course that wants you to return so they make things as easy as possible with respect to cart paths, refreshments, marshals, ground crews and the like.
    A very nice course to play. I dare you to walk it. Just kidding. Take a cart. The drive to the first tee will tell it all.
Photos: 2006-Jun-13

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