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Copperdale Golf Club (formerly "Edgewood Golf Course")
3654 Dunrobin Road, Dunrobin, ON  K0A3M0
Tee Times: 613-832-2226

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    The course was founded in 1960 and was taken over by Paul and John Ebbs in August, 2007. From the time of its founding, the course has experienced many ups and downs. However, since the change in ownership in 2007 many improvements have taken place.
    Three new holes were developed and have been in play since 2009. These extensive changes result in the old 7th hole, formerly a 585 yard par five, being converted into a classy 390 yard par four and a tough par three that can be played from distances of 100 yards to 190 yards. As well, the old 17th, a short par four and the old 18th, a short par three, have been consolidated into a great par five finishing hole with a significant risk reward aspect to it. Included in this redevelopment is a reconfiguration of the order of play of all eighteen holes. This will result in a better balance between the nines.
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Date: 2009-Aug-03 Review by Dan P
    If there's one thing I have praise for it's the greens at Copperdale. All the greens were in good shape.
    The #6 green is a far to small to have such a severe contour.
    The #14 green is also a bit small which wrecks making this hole an exceptional one.
    Green #18 is a nice size for a finishing hole giving lots of options for pin placement.
    Pin position is identified by flag colour.
    Ouch to the fairways. But not all can be blamed on the course. It appears that there are a lot of inconsiderate golfers that don't know what a cart path is. With the recent wet weather the fairways are soft and full of ruts.
    There appears to be only one set of markers in the fairways and that's at 150 yards. Plates are near to impossible to find.
    The length of the fairway grass is irregular.
    Fairways allow quite a bit of room for error.
    Tees are rough but some are being worked on.
    At hole #18 we had some difficulty finding the blocks as new tees were being built.
    Tees location for #15 is confusing as 3 sets are found but reds were for another hole.
    Copperdale is flat with a couple of swales so options are limited.
    There's a few small greens that need to be made bigger.
    An effort is being made to use the major swale through the centre of the course in hole reconstruction.
    Bunkers have no rakes and grass is visible in most.
    I think I'll wait another year before heading back to Copperdale. Hopefully by that time the fairways have improved and changes to the course are more stable.
    The current price isn't bad which reflects the current course conditions.
    Copperdale is quite easy. Hole #14 is definitely the nicest hole.
    Don't go over the green on hole #11!
    Copperdale is in farm country. Nothing special to see on or off the course at any point in a round.
    I didn't see any staff on course.
    No beverage cart was visible.
    The lady at the cash was very pleasant to deal with.
    The clubhouse looks new and has quite a nice appearance both inside and out.
    The practice putting green is beside the 10th tee. Odd.
    The cart paths are uneven, even for walking.
    Washrooms can be found after hole #5 and #13. Ideal.
    Copperdale is under new ownership since 2007. Their website indicates that changes have been made but more are planned.
    Good luck in the future!
Photos: 2009-Aug-03

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