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Cedarhill Golf & Country Club
56 Cedarhill Drive, Ottawa (Nepean), ON  K2R1C5
Tee Times: 613-825-2186 Fax: 613-825-4055

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    Nestled amongst one of the region's most distinguished residential communities, the mature, well-maintained, par-70 layout with three tee decks ranging from 5,135 to 6,316 yards, provides an enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels.
    Members, guests and tournament players are well served by knowledgeable pro shop personnel, including our Head CPGA Golf Professional who keeps a well-stocked shop; club storage/cleaning facilities; and a fleet of state-of-the-art power carts.
    Our friendly pro shop and clubhouse staff, starters and on-course marshals ensure that everyday at Cedarhill is a pleasurable experience.
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Date: 2006-May-03 Review by Dan P
    In spite of hearing that all courses in the area were reporting excellent greens this year, Cedarhill had two temporary greens. What went wrong?
    The fairways seemed the same as always. The 18th hole always seems to be in the best shape and I wish all the other fairways were the same as this one. Perhaps it's because the 18th has better shade.
    Awkward course design. Watch the signs to see where to go next. Tees a little rough and lumpy.
    The first hole has a nice view and is a great starting hole. After that it's plain until the 9th. The back nine is shorter than the front.
    Once a private course, Cedarhill is now public. The course has dropped in quality over the years and is in need of a course facelift.
    Course is easy and will lead to lower scores then normal. Short Boy shot 78, his best game ever. A great start to the 2006 season.
    Some beautiful houses to look mixed through the course. There is a few ill-placed houses that I'm sure encounter a few broken windows during a season.
    One of the course Marshals was extremely friendly and we enjoyed his company. Appeared a little tough to get a smile from the two cart girls.
    Over the years the clubhouse has held up to time. A nice club atmosphere with just the right touch of class. Parking lot has been newly paved.
    There's some much needed work being done. The par 3 5th which was temporary almost all of last year is finally done and looks great. Crossovers between a few tees can put you in danger if you're not careful.
    Hole's worth playing are #1, #9, #16 and #18. The rest have a hard time keeping my interest. For someone new playing the course it's difficult to figure out where to go to pay your green fees. A lot of people end up visiting the clubhouse then having a bit of a walk to the pro shop. The pro shop has moved for the 2006 season.
Date: 2006-May-03 Review by Terry L
    Greens were not in the greatest shape, lots of dead areas. There were two temporary greens ( fairway ), the day we played. They are however working on this course and it should be in better shape in a short period.
    The yardage markers could be a little easier to find but the condition of the fairways was decent. Be careful some of these fairways can be a little tricky, a little planning in this area will go a long way.
    Lots of room to take aim. Tee boxes are in nice shape with signage being pretty true to each hole
    Very nice course design. This has always been one of my favorite courses for design. Some of the shorter holes are designed to make a player feel the hole plays much longer.
    As the course stands now I wouldn't want to pay any more than we did. Give the course a little more time and the price should be in line with the conditions.
    Quite a challenge I found. Better golfers will have lots of fun on a course like this. Players can take aim as most shots are in view. This factor will also compliment the less skilled player.
    If players take the time to admire the surrounding it will make for a much nicer round. For a course situated in the city this one gives the feeling of country golf.
    The day I was there most of the hired help was in training and as a result were busy trying to remember what to do next. The outside help pretty much kept to themselves but did speak when spoken to.
    The clubhouse is a plus. It is clean and well set up and could easily accommodate whatever size group you are with. Lots of parking.
    All in all give the course a little time for the new management team to get things going and we will have a real gem of a course. It will be very interesting to see what the course will play like in another month or so.
    Make sure and bring cash with you there was no interact machine that I could find and the young lady behind the counter had to find the manager for permission to give me cash back on the card.One of the things to remember here is that the previous owners didn't do much to the course where the new owners look as though given a little time that will all change and Cedarhill will be what it once was, I can hardly wait.
Date: 2005-May-18 Review by Dan P
    Greens were small and the grass was a little long. We were told the greens were cut that morning.
    You can spray the ball on a few holes on the front and still score well.
    At no time did I feel I needed a cart.
    The layout of the course is relatively flat with only holes 1, 9 and 18 providing any elevation. These three holes quite possibly provide the greatest beauty and are probably the most challenging.
    $27.00 after 3:00pm is reasonable for a course around the city of Ottawa.
    The front 9 proves to be about 350 yards longer than the back. Many of the par 4s on the back can be reached with one swing of the club if you're a long ball hitter. You should easily score 3 or 4 strokes lower on the back 9.
    At times you wonder why any one would build a million dollar home in a location where you could expect to see a golf ball land. For some of the homes you wouldn't want to sit in the backyard. It might be safer for the kids to play on the street. At the green of the first hole we were asked by two kids whether we wanted to buy some golf balls.
    Very informative and outgoing staff. Always willing to help and give advice.
    Clubhouse has a very nice design and functional for many other activities.
    Although some of the holes are far apart they are well marked. Signs pointing to the next hole with the words "Way Down" written underneath is a little disturbing.
    The one course portable toilet was unbearable.
    I was surprised to discover that Cedarhill was now a public course. When I last played Cedarhill it was private and the growth of luxury home bordering the course was just beginning.
    Evaluating this course is difficult as it scores fairly well but not always for the right reasons.
Photos: 2005-May-18

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