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Casselview Golf & Country Club
844 Aurele Road, Casselman, ON  K0A1M0
Tee Times: 613-798-4653 Toll Free: 888-470-8556 Fax: 613-764-5539

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    Casselview 6,705 yard, 18-hole, par-72 course is only 25 minutes from Ottawa, on HWY 417 towards Montreal. Casselview Golf and Country Club offers the perfect place to play golf or hold your event.
    Casselview's is a 'must play' course, where every hole is a unique experience and fair test for golfers of all calibers. The large, impeccable greens provide a good mixture of undulating, well-treed fairways.
    The course has four strategically placed ponds and is surrounded by Butternut Creek, offering refreshing views during your play.
    Casselview Golf and Country Club is known for quality, affordable golfing at all times, even during peak hours. Whether you are playing individually or having a tournament, our friendly, welcoming staff is here to help make your day an enjoyable experience.
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Date: 2009-Sep-30 Review by Dan P
    In 2009, out of nowhere leaped Casselview to become #1 in the local Readers Choice Awards for Best Public Course under $45. Quite a step up and justly deserved. Casselview didn't appear in the top three for this award in 2008 or 2007.
    Gone is the nasty practice green and a new one has been added. In fact, there is now two practice greens. The original is reduced in size and both are more indicative of what's on the course.
    The crossover on the back 9 was removed a few years ago for improved safety.
    I attended a friend's tournament at Casselview on September 25th after a number of years at other locations. The reason for the return? Tournament pricing and service couldn't be matched by other courses in the area.
    It should also be noted that Casselview staff are fluently bilingual.
Date: 2006-Jun-22 Review by Dan P
    Good shape but a bit on the long side making the greens fairly slow. They did run true.
    Nothing spectacular about the fairways but in decent shape. Yardage markers are difficult to locate at times. Modest width.
    Tees markers tended to be clumped together. Most were flat but a little beaten.
    Challenging but not overwhelming. A few water hazards jump up and bite you if you haven't played the course before. A few tight 'out of bounds'.
    The creek running through the course is a deeply depressed region and it is used to the fullest.
    Distances can be deceiving.
    Over the years Casselview has turned a rough course into a decent course. We normally visit the course once or twice a year.
    Casselview offers quite a few discount times so it's worth checking their web site for specials.
    Hole #2 has a very tight out of bounds on the left.
    A steep uphill climb to #9 can be tough if you're a short ball hitter.
    Even though Casselview is located beside Highway 417 you rarely hear the high speed traffic.
    Nothing of great interest to look at if your game isn't going too well.
    The beverage carts were very busy but perhaps it was because we were in a tournament.
    Staff is courteous and friendly. They even participated in our tournament silent auction.
    The language of preference at the course appears to be French.
    Nice design, clean, and suitable for many events.
    The practice green is not like anything on the course. Too much slope.
    A few golfers got confused at where their fairways were.
    On the back 9 there is a crossover through the middle of a par 3. Golfers crossing tend to drive without looking while people are teeing off. A stop sign is needed.
    It's a shame Casselview is just a bit far from Ottawa to attract a steadier afternoon crowd.
    Rates can be quite reasonable. Tournament meals and rates are decent as well.
Photos: 2006-Jun-22

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