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Capital Golf Centre
3798 Bank Street, Ottawa (Gloucester), ON  K1G3N2
Tee Times: 613-521-2612 Fax: 613-521-8791

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    The Capital Golf Centre is set next to the NCC Greenbelt and one of the Ottawa Valley’s oldest cathedral forests, while only minutes from downtown Ottawa. The forest setting provides a relaxing and natural environment to get out with friends, family and colleagues and enjoy the many facilities the Capital has to offer.
    The course consists of 18 holes featuring exclusively par 3 holes - with the longest measuring in at 202 yards. While many better golfers come out to sharpen up their short game, the Capital's golf course is best suited for those just learning to play golf and those golfers looking to enjoy a game in a relaxing and leisurely environment.
    The small, well maintained bent grass greens require an accurate tee shot, but the designed absence of water and sand hazards make getting to the greens a straight forward and refreshing stress-free experience for beginning golfers.
    The total yardage for the 18 holes is slightly more then 2500 yards, which allows most rounds to be completed within 2 to 3 hours instead of the 4 to 6 hours on full size par 72 courses.
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Date: 2012-Aug-19 Review by Dan P
    Surprisingly enough, this 18 hole executive course is the closest to my home and I haven't played it in close to 40 years. I normally tell every one that, "It doesn't rain on me", but if I said it this day then I would have been lying. I can't remember the last time I was out in such a heavy down pour. We only managed to complete 11 holes.
    The greens were small and slow, although they appeared to be in decent shape. I found it very difficult to hit any green as typically I am a little left or right of my target. Make the greens small and you can almost guarantee this trend to continue.
    It's very unlikely you will ever use a driver as the longest hole just tips the 200 yard range. With only some bordering trees to contend with there are no other hazards to be wary of.
    The Capital Golf Centre has a simple layout. Consider an outing to be for practicing your irons, you can't spare the time for a full 18, you're a senior with declining yardage from the tee, or you want to take the family and friends out for some fun.
    Capital also has a driving range and a Championship miniature golf course.
Photos: 2012-Aug-19

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