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Barcovan Golf Club
1412 County Road 64, Carrying Place, ON  K0K1L0
Tee Times: 613-475-2155 Toll Free: 888-475-2155 Fax: 613-475-5593

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    Barcovan is located south of Brighton, just 90 minutes East of Toronto and is on route to Ontario’s newest wine region, Prince Edward County. Barcovan offers outstanding value and service and is renowned for being a well conditioned, challenging golf course with something for everyone. Come see for yourself why Barcovan Golf Club is a place to call your own.
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Date: 2005-Jun-24 Review by Dan P
    The practice green was fair. We were told that 4 of the greens were in bad shape due to over fertilizing. More like 14.
    Fairways were average (but much better then the greens).
    The course is flat with 10 or more holes having water. Our ace said he wouldn't lose a ball but came away down 6.
    Perhaps in another year I'd consider Barcovan worth the money to play.
    With all the water this course poses a threat. The 'bad' greens make it even tougher (but that's a minus).
    Course was clean. It seemed very typical.
    The staff was cheery except for guy taking our money. The Starter warned us of a few poor greens so he wasn't completely honest.
    Not my kind of clubhouse. Small and dark. You'd want to sit outside.
    The day was extremely hot, 30 plus degrees.
    The 12th hole has a yardage sign indicating a Par 4 131 yards. An obvious misprint which should read 331 yards (Terry came up short). I don't know how these errors ever get posted.
    I won't be running or driving back to try this one again.
Date: 2005-Jun-24 Review by Dan L
    Terrible winter damage on the greens. They say it will get better throughout the summer, let's hope so.
    Fairways were pretty decent, but there was the some bad spots here and there.
    One good tee, one bad tee... I've seen better on city run courses. Yardage signs were nicely done and detailed... I'll give them that.
    The course has potential. If the greens come back to normal, then the rest of it falls into place.
    Poor value with the current condition of the greens.
    The greens made it more difficult than what it really was. Although I did win a few bucks from the boys as I was playing pretty good with all things considered.
    Beautiful part of the country.
    Clubhouse? Well... it looks pretty old.
    Not somewhere I'd go back to in any hurry. Maybe if they cleaned everything up with the greens and all, and they asked us to come back and play a free round for a second review... maybe then.
Date: 2005-Jun-24 Review by Greg J
    Greens were in such bad condition that contours and pin placements were irrelevant. The amount of damage to the greens made for conditions akin to putting on pavement. Absolutely no way to get a feel for speed.
    Fairways overall conditions and width were good. Yardage markers were the standard at 100, 150 and 200 yards. Many of the fairways were reasonably wide, although those that went through the marshy areas were unforgiving if you missed them.
    Nothing particularly memorable about tees (either positive or negative).
    Overall the course was quite flat. There are plenty of areas where someone who has difficulty staying on the fairway would be in for a long round. Several holes have water or marshy areas to steer clear of.
    Given the poor state of the greens, this was poor value when we played the course. But once the greens are back up to snuff, this would be fair value for an off-the-beaten-path location such as this one.
    On the whole, the course could have been a little tougher. While the holes with water and marsh could be very unforgiving, many of the others were not so. A few more of the open holes could be tightened up by allowing the rough to be a little longer and the fairways tightened.
    The scenery was fine but not spectacular. It was nice to play the entire round without playing alongside roads or hearing traffic noises.
    The staff was friendly and courteous.
    The clubhouse was a little on the small side and quite dark inside. The small outdoor patio didn't look out onto much of the course as it was on the opposite side of the road.
    Because of the extensive damage to the greens when we played, I can't fairly assess how this course would be play when at its best.
Date: 2005-Jun-24 Review by Terry L
    I used to pride myself on the short game, this course took that away. Not only were most of the green's burnt and bare, they were very difficult to read. Definitely a negative to start a round on.
    Fairways wer average at best.
    Tee boxes were fair. At least one hole that I remember had the yardage noticeably wrong. It makes one wonder about the rest.
    The course design was one I really liked. I found there were holes for all levels of golfer. Lots of water, sand and tree placement.
    Had this course been up to par, definitely worth the money. The shape it was in when we played was not worth the money.
    As I said previously, the course would be challenging for golfers from all levels. From doglegs left and right to water hazards, this course could be lots of fun.
    Very pleasent scenery, I wouldn't say breath taking but very nice and clean all the same.
    On the morning we were there the lad in the clubhouse sure looked like he would have sooner been somewhere else. The starter was very nice but not entirely truthful. When asked what kind of shape the course was in he said, "Pretty good." Wow, did he come up short.
    Clubhouse was very nice and well stocked, clothing, clubs, balls, has everything most clubhouses need. Prices were par with other courses. In nice weather you will want to eat or enjoy a beverage out on the patio.
    It was very hot and humid the day we played. Had the course been in better shape I would have noticed the small things that go into making a round of golf memorable.
    If by chance I hear that this course is in decent shape I would like to try it one more time. On the other hand, I have a feeling that this course has more taken out then what is put in, and we know what that means.
Photos: 2005-Jun-24

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