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Anderson Links Golf & Country Club
4175 Anderson Road, Carlsbad Springs, ON  K0A1K0
Tee Times: 613-822-9644 Fax: 613-822-9440

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    Inaugurated in 2007, Anderson Links Golf & Country Club offers a challenging course to golfers of all levels. Built over rolling hills and through a mature forest setting, Anderson Links features 27 holes, with each of our East and West nines advertise three par-threes, -fours and -fives, and our South has five par-fours among four par-threes and -fives. Just minutes from downtown Ottawa, this new public course was designed by world renowned architect Graham Cooke.
    Anderson Links is the newest course built by the Patterson family, joining Emerald Links and Cloverdale Links. The Pattersons have taken the unique features of Emerald and Cloverdale and combined them into Anderson Links, creating a perfect composition of open and tree-lined holes. This course will challenge you, excite you, and make you come back again and again.
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Date: 2010-Apr-03 Review by Dan P
    Played my first round of the 2010 season at Anderson Links. The much anticipated clubhouse is now open and gone are the trailers which housed the pro shop the last couple of seasons. I didn't get a chance to look at the upstairs but judging by the size of the building it should be able to host a huge event.
    New light standard are visible in the unpaved parking lot but it looks like that could be changing sometime this season.
Date: 2007-Jun-28 Review by Dan P
    Large greens but some very odd shapes which enables very tough pin placements to increase the difficulty of the course.
    Greens were in good shape and of average speed. Very hard and difficult to stop a ball. Try to pitch and run.
    Fairways for the most part are decent. A few spots where the grass is having a difficult time growing but the problems appear to be where you shouldn't be hitting a ball. Growing the grass probably has more do with the hard ground.
    Nice size and width for tees. Markers are placed quite far apart enabling a good choice of tee locations. Surface of tees are not nearly as hard as the fairways and greens.
    Permanent yardage signs have not been posted yet but temporary ones are visible.
    It doesn't look like much was done to model the course for a desired result but rather the existing landscape was used to the best possible design.
    Anderson Links is rather flat (as you would expect of a course with a 'Links' name).
    It's difficult to say whether any trees were removed in the building of the course as a few fairways are very narrow. The par 5 4th hole has a very narrow fairway. Using a driver off the tee will almost guarantee a ball entering the woods.
    Bunkers are small and poorly positioned.
    A 6-6-6 design.
    Price was excellent for a twilight round. This may have to do with the fact that Anderson Links is a new course and they want to attract golfers. I hope the current pricing continues.
    Mostly a links style course mixed with about 6 holes that have surrounding trees. Fairways with trees generally have narrow fairways.
    A few holes where you can really let loose.
    One very short par 4 (272 yards from the whites).
    Most par 3s seem to be the same yardage.
    Very plain scenery. A hydro right-of-way passes through the course so hydro towers are visible and are even identified on the scorecard as being a replay if hit.
    We only encountered the beverage cart after the 13th hole.
    Starter has quite talkative and gave quite a bit of info about the course.
    Currently the Pro Shop functions out of a trailer but a large clubhouse is being built (which look quite impressive). One can only speculate what the finished building will look like. My initial impression gives me the feeling that it will be able to handle large events or tournaments.
    Parking lot is presently unpaved but light standards are in place along the driveway in to the parking lot.
    Currently the course has no liquor license (or so it would appear from the contents of the beverage cart).
    Cart paths are not always flat and are given the slope of the land around them.
    Ball washers on every hole. Directions to the next hole are not a problem if you refer to the scorecard.
    Be patient for this course to mature.
    This course looks like a prime candidate for tournaments of every variety.
    Initially I though Anderson Links was going to be 36 holes but the Starter informed me that there probably wasn't enough land to do so. An additional executive nine was a strong possibility.
Photos: 2007-Jun-28

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