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Truro Golf Club
86 Golf Street, Truro, NS  B2N5C7
Tee Times: 902-893-4650 Fax: 902-893-2512

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Date: 2008-Jun-27 Review by Dan L
    These greens were in very nice condition with a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them looked to be 30 to 40 yards in length while other might have been 10 yards across, but the one thing they all had in common was how nice they were and how nice they held the ball along with very true putts.
    Very nice condition with rolling mounds from one end to the other. They definitely favor the left-handed players or ones who play a natural draw. If you tend to play the right side of the fairway, this course may be a bit of a challenge, as they always seem to play to the left side out of danger.
    The tee boxes were pretty nice but they didn't have much of a variation from one to the other, no elevation either. I also found some of them a little difficult to tee off from; not real flat. One thing that I liked was the fact that none of them had you teeing off toward danger or behind a tree.
    Not much for elevation or for layout but they did put in some nice hazards throughout with lots of water, sand bunkers and trees. A lot of nice wide fairways for you to grip it and rip it.
    Well, this is where Truro shines. This place is quite amazing when you factor in the cost to play. $52 at peek times and $42 after 1pm. That's really good considering the shape this course is in.
    I guess the difficulty will depend on the strength of your game. If you're driving nice, then you'll have a decent game. If not, watch out as this one could be lots of fun. There are not a lot of differences from one hole to the next one, except for the par 3's, now those I really like. Nicely done.
    Probably not the nicely scenery around with highway noise and buildings all over the place. I guess all things considered, this wasn't too bad. They did have a lot of trees with really nice par 3's. To me, they were the saving grace of this course as far as the scenery goes. Don't get me wrong, this is a very nice course. The scenery is a little dull, but definitely still worth every penny.
    Okay, I was wrong. This is where Truro really shines. The staff. How nice were they? I found them to be very pleasant, very helpful and just plain friendly people. Nicely done Truro.
    Sit back, relax and enjoy a nice meal in their very old, but very nice clubhouse. The chef was amazing. She made us a couple of Lobster rolls with a side of potato salad and a bowl of Fish chowder - yummy. This course has been around since 1903. That's right, it's 105 years old. They also have a nicely stocked pro shop with everything you would need for the day. We picked up a couple of golf shirts a golf hats for a good price.
    Weather? Well, it didn't rain. Although it looked like it would all day long. The scorecard had what you needed but lacked some info and layout of the holes. You know what I liked here? Drinking water on the course. That was nice considering you rarely see this in Ontario and Quebec. I heard mention that they were working on the directions between holes. I agree, this is needed.
    Come by and give this place a try, I know you'll agree with me. Its very nice and the people here are very friendly. Maybe it's a Nova Scotia thing. Either way, keep up the good work Truro.
Date: 2008-Jun-27 Review by Dan P
    The greens were in great shape and had decent speed considering the rain that had just fallen. Keep this greenkeeper around!
    Many greens were quite large. There wasn't always a lot of contour but the size played a significant factor in getting down in regulation.
    Yardage markers were quite visible with prominent pins (red, white, blue) in the middle of the fairway.
    The Truro front 9 drains extremely well while the back can have a bit of standing water.
    Fairway width was reasonable and only a really errant shot would have any trouble being found.
    A little more length would be nice so tees could recover better from frequent play.
    Signage was easily found.
    Three sets of tees to choose from.
    Hole #3 was a nice par 5 with a tough green.
    Bunkers were a good size and were found on every hole that I can remember. Surprisingly we never had to play out of any.
    The par 3s can be quite challenging.
    Very reasonably priced even in peak season.
    No initiation fee if you intend to be a member. Truro is well worth a regular play.
    I felt many holes played well for my draw so I found myself in good position on almost every fairway.
    Some holes feel similar in play.
    The course gains its beauty from within. The surrounding landscape doesn't attract in any way.
    Interior vegetation is clear underneath. Fringe holes can offer thick underbrush.
    Some of the best staff I've ever encountered. From the kitchen to the pro shop we received the best of service. A little club cleaning and even directions to a restaurant for the evening. Thanks John and Scott!
    Nicely laid out clubhouse. The 18th green appears to be a bit close but I was told maybe one window broken a season. Members tend to watch the finishing hole from the patio. Lots of room for a large tournament.
    Well stocked pro shop with clothing.
    I'd like to see the course layout added to the scorecard. A minor fix on the yardage to the back 9 needs to be fixed (although 3 yards out isn't much).
    Ice water available on many holes. Too bad so many concerns arise from water on course that most don't offer this convenience.
    We started our Nova Scotia tour at Truro and would love to go back even just to talk to the members.
    I can't recommend the staff at Truro enough.
Photos: 2008-Jun-27

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