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Osprey Shores Golf Resort
119 Ferry Lane, Guysborough, NS  B0H1N0
Tee Times: 902-533-3904 Toll Free: 800-909-3904 Fax: 902-533-3166

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Date: 2008-Jun-28 Review by Dan L
    The greens were in nice shape, but I found them fairly slow, especially after playing Northumberland Links. They ranged in size from small to medium and none of them were very big. As a matter of fact, they were quite intimidating on the approach because all you see is an ocean or a drop off. Scary!
    Fairways were average with slightly rolling mounds but nothing too difficult when you look at them but, for some reason, tough when you plaed them.
    Nice shaped tees, kind of flat, and easy to tee-off from. Some tees were elevated. #6 and #8 share the same tee box which is a bit confusing but not if you look for the signage.
    Wait until you see the view, it's quite stunning. There's a nice change between one hole to the next. Only one par 5.
    Did I mention it was only a nine hole course?
    Lots of elevation with only 2 fairway bunkers, but the layout was still quite a challenge.
    This is an excellent course to take the kids to, or maybe someone who's just starting out. At least that's what it looked like to me as everyone there seem to be beginners or father-son groupings.
    Surprisingly, this was not an easy course to play. I think it's because of the scare factor when approaching the greens. They're small, rounded, elevated, and they have that amazing view behind or beside each one. The view was what distracted me.
    What can I say about the scenery? Truly breathtaking. Every hole had an excellent view of the ocean. Sweet!
    Very pleasant and helpful. The young lad we chatted to offered some insight on the course as to what was planned for in the future and what's been done in the last three years since new ownership took over.
    Again, the clubhouse was just OK, but I don't play a course because of the clubhouse. The clubhouse was clean and well kept, but kind of small.
    Standard looking scorecard, no cart paths as everyone would typically walk this course. The signs needed some updating and there weren't too many ball cleaners or washrooms on the course.
    For a nine hole course and for the price, this course will challenge you and awe you. Enjoy.
Date: 2008-Jun-28 Review by Dan P
    Grass on the greens is left a little long probably because many tourists play the course and slower greens are a bit easier to play. Contour movement is suppressed by the grass length. The greens are also small enough that identifying pin placement doesn't matter.
    To my surprise, Osprey Shores has hilly fairways. Built on a peninsula I expected a more level route of play.
    Yardage markers are only at the 100 yard distance and can be a bit hard to find.
    Fairway width can be considered a bit narrow. We encountered quite a few stray balls even at a quiet hour of the day.
    Tees were in good shape although a bit narrow and not very deep. Some of the views from the tees can be quite dramatic. There are two sets of tees available.
    The course route is a bit confusing at times. There is no real path to follow so you need to travel a bit by feel.
    I can only remember two bunkers on the course (hole #6 and #7).
    On almost every hole a good tip is, "Never be long."
    Osprey Shores has some nice elevation changes.
    Osprey Shores is a work in progress. The land that the course occupies would be worth a small fortune.
    The Osprey Shores Golf Superintendent, John Stapleton, has been putting a great deal of effort into turning the course around from what it once was. Changes are ongoing and improvements are already visible.
    Osprey Shores is tougher then it looks. At merely 2700 yards from the tips it feels much longer. Yardages can be difficult to figure because of the hills. Green size and water make the challenge complete.
    A ball should only be lost in ocean water.
    A beautiful location for a golf course.
    I understand an island green could appear in the future.
    Only one visible employee but we were teeing off at 5pm.
    There's a bit of work being done inside; small, but very cozy.
    Pro shop had lots of nice hats and some clothing.
    There didn't appear to be very many golf carts and the course can be a tough walk. Remember, however, that Osprey Shores is only 9 holes.
    The scorecard is excellent.
    A few lookout towers are located around tees to check the path ahead. At times these don't feel quite high enough.
    There are accommodations on site.
    A breezy day can add to the challenge of Osprey Shores.
    The bugs started out quite heavy but we were told any kind of a wind usually keeps them away.
Photos: 2008-Jun-28

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