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Northumberland Links
1776 Gulf Shore Road, Pugwash, NS  B0K1L0
Tee Times: 902-243-2808 Toll Free: 800-882-9661 Fax: 902-243-3213

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Date: 2008-Jun-28 Review by Dan P
    Beauty greens. I haven't played anything better this year. Greens are quick which makes even what appears to be a flat green have a slope. We were told they'll only get quicker over the next few weeks.
    The Northumberland Links website posts the green speed daily.
    Pin placement is identified by black strips on the 150 markers. This was the first time I've seen this method used for pin placement.
    The fairways are cut 3 times a week. If only I could do the same on my own lawn. Width is adequate on long holes. Short par 4s can have a narrow fairway. It helps to play with the Pro. Standard markers of blue, white and red in center of fairway.
    Lots of room to reposition tees. An extra set of tees (making 4) was added this year but isn't indicated on the scorecard yet. Adjustments to the yardage signs is forthcoming.
    Northumberland is a must play. The variation of design requires good ball position.
    Significant elevation changes appear on holes #1 and #6. Even the bunkers are well groomed and each hole seems different in many facets.
    Move this course to any major city and it could easily demand over $100 per round. At current green fee rates I can only say, "What a bargain!" Northumberland is worth a drive out of your way even with the high price of gas.
    Membership is around 300 with 2/3 not local. I'm up for this challenge any time.
    The greens gave me real trouble. I won't tell you how many three putts I had. This being said I really think this is the way greens are meant to be. Most greens were medium to long in size. A few greens with tiers makes course knowledge a real bonus.
    You can see three maritime provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) from a few holes.
    Hole #4 is the signature hole for the course. A longer par 3 that has ocean calling on the left. A bailout to the right is very common and the wind can test your courage.
    The starter filled us in on every detail imaginable and gave us course instructions like he does with every one.
    We played the round with the Pro and I was very impressed with his manor and approach to the game. We were told the Pro tries to play a round with every member and is a major asset in Northumberland's junior program.
    We purchased a decent breakfast in the clubhouse before our round.
    Interior renovations to the clubhouse are forthcoming which will greatly change the appearance of the clubhouse.
    Changes for the 4th tee set should appear on the scorecard shortly. The scorecard is reversed from most as shorter tee yardages and handicap information is at the top and longer yardages at the bottom.
    Directions to the next hole is easy. You have to cross a road if walking or through a tunnel using a cart.
    Using the 150 markers to identify pin placement is a great idea.
    Ownership of Northumberland has changed a few times over the years and is currently member owned.
    Northumberland is a must play!
Date: 2008-Jun-28 Review by Dan L
    These greens were sweet. They were quite fast and tough to stick. The golf pro told us that they'll only get faster as the summer goes on. Right now they're at 10.5, but in the next week or so they'll be rolling more toward the 11 to 12 range. Now that's fast. They also ranged in size from medium to large, but so did the difficulty. Enjoy!
    Nice contours on fiarways with rolling hills and mounds, but don't leave the fairways as even the first cut can be difficult to shoot from, thick and thicker. They had nice yardage markers in the fairways as well as painted on the cart paths... nice touch.
    Tees have nice shape, flat and easy to tee-off from. Some were elevated enough that you felt like you can just "grip it a rip it". They weren't very big, but they were in good shape and well trimmed. Northumberland yardage signs were all made of granite.
    This is one nicely designed course with lots of variation from one hole to the next. Wait until you see the 4 holes that play along the ocean, they're breathtaking. While standing on the second tee box, you can actually see PEI and New Brunswick while standing in Nova Scotia. How cool is that?
    Wow, $55 at peek times. That's quite affordable considering what you get for the money. Pretty incredible if you ask me. You can play this course for less later in the afternoon and during the week. I know you'll enjoy it and I know I'll come back someday.
    This was not an easy course to play, especially if you're hooking or slicing just a little bit. There was quite a variation from one hole to the next; some were along the ocean and others were cut through the forest. Kind of like a links course meets a bush course.
    I don't know what it is about seeing the ocean while playing golf. I find myself totally awe struck when looking out over the fairway or the tee box and seeing the ocean. It's just beautiful. Maybe it's because I'm from Ontario and this beauty is lacking on the golf courses at home. The course was very well kept including the underbrush.
    We had the privilege of playing with the club pro. And, I must add that it was very helpful. He was very pleasant and he offered a lot of insight on the course layout and course management. All staff was pleasant and helpful, including the starter. Thank you.
    The clubhouse was OK, but I don't play a course because of the clubhouse. This shouldn't matter much to you either. The clubhouse was clean and well kept, and from what I'd seen inside, plans are to remodel later in the year. They did serve a good breakfast which I enjoyed.
    Nice cart paths and very nice signage at each hole. Signage is made of granite and they look awesome.
    The scorecard had everything you needed as far as course information was concerned. Ballwashers were found throughout as well.
    You've got to make the effort to play this course if you're ever in Nova Scotia, I know you won't be disappointed. Say "hi" to Jacques and Richard for me.
Photos: 2008-Jun-28

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