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Le Portage Golf Club
15580 Cabot Trail Road, Cheticamp, NS  B0E1H0
Tee Times: 902-224-3338 Toll Free: 888-618-5558 Fax: 902-224-1165

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Date: 2008-Jun-30 Review by Dan L
    The greens were in excellent shape with fair pin placement and reasonable size. They ranged from medium to large sized greens and they were very nice to play on. The read was true and quick; not real quick but definitely quick enough. My buddy put in a 45 footer for par; how sweet.
    The condition of the fairways were very nice, but they retain a lot of water. After the morning's rain, there was a lot of standing water on the fairways. This slowed down the drives and added a couple of extra clubs to fairway hits. I would love to play this course when its dry and warm. I'm sure the ball would roll for miles... so to speak.
    There were yardage markers for 200, 150, and 100 in the middle of the fairways.
    The tee boxes were also in pretty decent shape, and they were nice large boxes with detailed yardage signs and ball washers. The pro mentioned that he'd like to put "sand boxes" on the par 3 tees. I agree. This would help in keeping the par 3s looking as good as the rest of the tees.
    What a beautiful layout. Somebody put a lot of thought into this course Although it doesn't touch the ocean, you can see it from some tee boxes. The views were incredible, then you get onto the side of the mountain and the view changes again... nice.
    There was a nice variety from one hole to the next with nice elevation.
    Watch out for the water hazards, large fairway bunkers, and green side bunkers. There are lots of hazards to cause you headaches.
    Le Portage is worth every penny. Nova Scotia knows what they're doing when it comes to "value for dollar". I enjoyed this course a lot even thought my buddy beat me today - for the first time this week I might add. He was playing well.
    Keep it straight and you'll be fine. Thank god they had nice wide fairways or I would have been in a lot of trouble off the tee. I think I used my driver 3 times throughout the round. It was safer for me to play with the 3 wood as I was having some issues keeping the driver in line. I could see someone who shoots in the 90's or more finding this one a little tough. Take your time and enjoy the course and the views it has to offer (and maybe cheat on the scorecard).
    Le Portage has some amazing views every which way.
    I did find the underbrush unplayable, so just stay out of the trees. I put 2 balls in the side of the bush and I couldn't find either one of them. Oh, well.
    Nova Scotia courtesy shines through brightly. Nice work Le Portage. The pro "Jamie" sat and chatted with us for about a 1/2 hour while we ate lunch in the clubhouse. He, too, was very pleasant and informative. With the rain we had that morning I guess there was no need for a beverage cart on the course; at least we didn't see anyone, but that's understandable.
    Le Portage has a very nice clubhouse with a nice view of the first tee, the 18th green, and the ninth par 3. We had a nice bowl of homemade soup and sandwich. The clubhouse appearance was nice, clean, and well organized.
    Weather - well, we had a taste of Nova Scotia. The rain did stop just before we teed off and the skies cleared up by the time we hit the fourth hole. Then it became the nicest and clearest day of our trip so far.
    The cart paths were excellent all the way around, which is good considering it was cart path golf. No problems going from one hole to the next, just follow the cart paths.
    Another amazing day in Nova Scotia with another beautiful course. I would definitely give Le Portage a "Recommended Play".
Date: 2008-Jun-30 Review by Dan P
    Large spacious greens with a speed that was perfect for my touch. I sunk a few long ones this day. Not a large amount of contour but enough to almost never have a straight putt. Pin location was identified with the standard red, white and blue flags.
    Fairways were a bit wet from the rain but all seemed in decent shape. The 150 markers were staked while the 200 and 100 were identified with plates. The width was generous but if you happened to stray from the planned route of play you can pretty much kiss your ball good-bye.
    The tees were good but the par 3s needed sand boxes to fill divots. The tee for hole #9 needed a bit of work and the box placement almost had us standing with a foot in the rough.
    A great layout! Lots of rolling fairways but not severe enough to make the course unwalkable. The Cape Breton hills provide a majestic backdrop.
    Many bunkers dot the course. The sand is soft but has larger granules then what I'm used to.
    Le Portage plays a lot longer than the yardage indicated.
    It would appear that the local community of Cheticamp would like to keep the cost to play Le Portage at a reasonable rate as it attracts tourists. Personally, I really liked the course and would play it regularly at the price asked.
    A good test for all skill levels if you choose the right tee set. All the elements can come in to play on this course during a single round.
    The Cape Breton hills complement the course. Each hole feels unique. The course is clean and well maintained.
    We had a nice chat with the Director of Golf at Le Portage. The time he spent with us was very informative.
    Le Portage makes a great local hot soup at the club. Noodles and hamburger with just the right amount of spice to warm your heart.
    The pro shop was upstairs which appeared a bit odd but it does provide good viewing of the opening hole. Stock in the shop was average.
    The clubhouse was homey. A simple design and well positioned for viewing.
    The night before we played Le Portage saw the temperature drop below 10°C with rain, and winds up to 90km per hour. The morning of play didn't look good but by the third hole we were shedding rain-gear and wishing we had shorts.
    Le Portage has a great scorecard and is an easy course to navigate.
    Le Portage is great course to play but a bit off the beaten path. Visitors to Cheticamp and the Cabot Trail should not miss playing this course.
Photos: 2008-Jun-30

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