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Bluenose Golf Club
18 Cove Road, Lunenburg, NS  B0J2C0
Tee Times: 902-634-4260 Clubhouse: 902-634-7196

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Date: 2008-Jul-03 Review by Dan P
    Most greens are small in size with rarely any contour. Pin position is not discernible but isn't a factor considering the size of the greens.
    Rarely an even lie as most fairways are sloped dramatically left or right. Yardage markers are small flags at the fairways edge. Only the 150 and 100 yardages are identified but that is all that is required considering the length of the course. It should be very difficult to lose a ball on this course even with the fairway slope.
    Two sets of tees for front and back 9 (Bluenose is a 9 hole course). Tees are small and don't offer much variation of teeing area. Surprisingly, the tees are in decent shape. There are many blind tee shots.
    Be aware that the fairways for #5 and #7 cross. This is the first time I've encountered such a layout.
    I really like the elevated tee on #4 and I understand a new, larger green is planned for this hole. A few small bunkers.
    Bluenose is built on a peninsula which has a domed shape to it. Designed the course must have taken a great deal of effort.
    Power carts have a premium price probably due to the strain put on the carts because of the fairway slope. Near the parking lot there looks to be a small power cart graveyard. Green fees are moderately prices and membership is very healthy (over 400 members).
    What makes Bluenose difficult is the slope of the fairways.
    Long hitters can reach most of the par 4s in one. Try not to over-hit greens.
    The view of Lunenburg from the course is spectacular. The harbour sits across the bay and the colourful heritage view is exquisite.
    Helpful staff.
    A modestly stocked pro shop.
    Buy your drinks at the clubhouse before you start your game.
    A pleasant little restaurant with a good selection of finger food.
    The clubhouse sits at the peak of the peninsula.
    Parking can be hard to find on busy days.
    Despite water being all around the course it is extremely hard to put a ball in the drink. The course has decent signage for both tee blocks and ball washers on every hole.
    There is very little difference between the yardage for Men and Ladies.
    The land Bluenose sits on was leased year to year but the club now has a recent 15 year deal. The course sits on prime real estate.
    You'll probably never see standing water on this course.
    Bluenose is unique in that it does not take tee times.
Date: 2008-Jul-03 Review by Dan L
    The greens were in nice shape, but I found them hard to read as everything seems to roll toward the water even thought they appear to slope away from the water. They did run nicely with a decent speed. They ranged in size from small to medium and none of them were large.
    They were average fairways with extreme angles that sloped toward the water. Always aim to the uphill side and watch the ball roll down toward the water. It's pretty cool.
    Nice shape, kind of flat and easy to tee-off from. Some were elevated and some were low where you had to shoot uphill.
    A crossover made it a little dangerous when between the 5th tee to the fairway then the green as the 7th tee and fairway cuts right through the other fairway. This added a little danger that can not be avoided.
    Wait until you see the view. It's quite stunning.
    Did I mention it was only a nine hole course?
    Bluenose is a little expensive as nine hole course go, but I guess if you factor in the view and the historic value, maybe not. It's a very nice course to take your kids to or maybe someone who's just starting out. I think they said there was over 400+ members. Maybe it's the location. Who knows?
    The greens were small and the fairways were sloped, but you should have no problems keeping it in the short stuff as the fairways are fairly wide and very forgiving. You'll definitely love the view as you overlook the town of Lunenburg.
    What can I say about the scenery? Truly breathtaking. Every hole had an excellent view of the water which I love. Everything seems to slope toward the water, even the greens rolled toward the water when it looked like it rolled away.
    The staff were all very pleasant and helpful. We enjoyed a nice lunch with a wonderful bowl of seafood chowder. The best one yet. Thank you, Dave.
    The clubhouse was OK. Bluenose leases the land so I guess they don't want to spend a lot of money on a bigger clubhouse if they stand the chance of loosing the lease some day. Anyway, the clubhouse was clean and well kept, but kind of small and a little outdated.
    No tee time bookings. That's right they don't accept tee times. Just show up and wait in line. This was the first time I'd ever heard of that. However, it seems to work as the course was packed solid for a mid week day.
    You've got to love the history here. I think you can actually feel it in the air... and the view!!! What a beautiful panorama of the harbour.
    Lunenburg is where the Bluenose 1 and 2 were built. Truly incredible.
Photos: 2008-Jul-03

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