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Bell Bay Golf Club
761 Highway 205, Baddeck, NS  B0E1B0
Tee Times: 902-295-1333 Toll Free: 800-565-3077 Fax: 902-295-1255

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Date: 2008-Jul-02 Review by Dan P
    Greens were in great condition and the speed I like. They can be difficult to read but members advice tells you that everything slopes toward the water. Keep this in mind while playing Bell Bay. All greens were quite large. I only remember one that was undersized.
    Fairways are cut just the right length. The ball sits up nicely and soft divots are easily taken. 150 markers are staked with 100 and 200 yards plated. Fairways are very generous in width until late in the round.
    It's nice to tee a ball on any part of a box and not have to move it to get level footing. Even the par 3s were smooth and most divots were filled.
    Bell Bay has a nice layout, well positioned bunkers, and a variety of elevation changes but nothing too severe to recommend to take a cart. The course toughens on the last 4 holes.
    Bell Bay is located in Baddeck, a quaint tourist town so it should attract traveling golfers. Fees to play are very reasonable for the quality and service at the course.
    I had my best round of our Nova Scotia tour but I have to say the stars were aligned in my favor. A couple of rare birdies happened my way. Bell Bay plays tougher near the end of a round which, in my opinion, is the way a course should play.
    The course is very neat and clean. Underbrush can be thick if you head into the woods. A well-groomed course is always a pleasure to play.
    All staff were easily recognized in matching colours depending on the job. The bag boys even wore classic knickers. The beverage cart was around often. Our entire visit was treated top notch from beginning to end.
    The clubhouse had a nice open layout. The pro shop had a nice selection of clothing. The dining area was clean and high class. Food was top notch. A long paved lane way enters the parking lot which has ample parking.
    A beautiful summer day approaching 30°C. Bell Bay has a beautiful practice range and putting area. Cart paths are easy to follow. My only difficulty arose at find some tee sets as the tees are elevated and I couldn't see the colours from our cart.
    Two thumbs up!
    Bell Bay puts out what I like to receive. A good model to follow in course service and design.
    Note: During our visit I misplaced my camera and GPS unit in the wrong cart before our round and it appeared every staff member helped look until the items were recovered. My thanks to the effort and recovery.
Date: 2008-Jul-02 Review by Dan L
    Well, what can I say? These greens were playing and looking very good today Even if I didn't putt any in for birdie. They were fairly fast and the irons would stick nicely. Right now I'd say they ran at 9 to 9.5, and I can imaging how fast they'll get later this summer. Greens ranged in size from medium to large, but so did the reads. It looks like everything rolls toward the water even thought it looks like they don't. Tough!
    Nice long fairways with rolling hills and mounds throughout. They also offer beautiful views with wicked fairway bunkers and valleys. Try not to leave the fairway as the rough plays a little thick, but fairly easy to play out of with a nice hard swing. I kept adding an extra club when shooting out of the rough and it paid off nicely as I hit the green pretty well every time. If you shoot into the brush or the forest you're out of luck as the underbrush and trilliums are quite abundant.
    I found the tee boxes to be in really good shape with lots of room and nice angles to the greens and fairways. They were flat and easy to tee off from. Some were quite elevated and offered an amazing view of the course and beyond.
    Bell Bay is one nicely designed course with lots of variation from one hole to the next. Thomas McBroom is the one responsible for the design of this 10 year old course. Nicely done.
    I found Bell Bay to be well worth the price to play and you don't have to take a cart if you don't want to.
    I did play well on this one, but then again, I've been playing everyday for the last week and consistency pays off. This can be a pretty tough course if you're not shooting straight or short. There was quite a variance from one hole to the next. Long par 5's, short par 4's, etc. This one I really enjoyed.
    Beautiful, well manicured, nice layout, excellent condition, and fantastic weather.
    We had the privilege of playing our round with two lovely ladies who are members of the club. We had the advantage of their expertise. Everybody at the club was pleasant and nice to talk to. They were all eager to offer any insight of the course layout. I liked the outfits the bag boys had to wear. Very traditional.
    The clubhouse was very nice and so was the restaurant and pro shop. We had the pleasure of eating lunch there and the food was quite appetizing. The pro shop had a nice assortment of shirts, jackets, hats and rain gear, plus all the other things you need.
    Nice cart paths, very nice granite signs at each hole which look awesome. The scorecard had everything you needed as far as course information was concerned. Also included was a little booklet they gave details for every hole.
    For me, this was my favourite of the week. I know we played some pretty amazing courses but this one clicked for me. I truly enjoyed my round, including chatting with the golf pro and the locals.
    Thank you, Bell Bay.
Photos: 2008-Jul-02

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