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Hillsborough Golf Club (formerly "Burro Hills Golf Course")
443 Golf Club Road, Hillsborough, NB  E4H2T9
Tee Times: 506-734-6000 Fax: 506-734-6003

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Date: 2008-May-01 Update
    I've been informed that there have been more changes made to the club. The Clubhouse has taken on a new and much improved look and feel. Bunkers are being worked on (beautiful white sand is popping up) and the fleet of rentals has been increased by, I believe, 20 or more.
Date: 2007-Jul-27 Review by Dan P
    Medium to large greens in decent shape with increasing undulations the further you get into the course. Tough pin placements can be easily created to make this course a real challenge.
    New ownership has greatly improved conditions.
    Fairway quality tends to vary from average to very good. This would lead one to believe that work is being done to improve course conditions.
    150 yard markers are very prominent. Some fairways may force you to take a lesser club off the tee.
    Tees are slightly raised but you'll still be hitting blindly on a few holes. Multiple yardage signs on some holes was a nice touch.
    Nice use of elevation. Lots of variety of mounds and sloping hills. Very few bunkers and hazards. The biggest test will be an uneven lie or straying off the fairway.
    It's a long hike between hole #10 and #11.
    Moderate price for a very challenging course. You'll probably want to take a cart (and there didn't appear to be a lot of them). If you're in the area, make Hillsborough a stop!
    Hillsborough is a mixed bag of challenges. Just when you think you have a good round going a stray ball or tough pin placement will bring you back to earth. A true test for any level handicap.
    Don't miss the 14th and 17th holes. These par 3 holes are well worth playing again and again. Scenic hills surround the course.
    Very friendly and helpful staff. A bigger plus was the friendly members I met while playing. A beverage cart was visible near the Clubhouse but not out at 7:00am (like I was).
    Clubhouse appeared adequate for the course location. Should be able to handle a decent size tournament.
    Pro Shop is modestly stocked.
    With the number of trees surrounding the course I can't see wind being a major factor during play.
    Directions to the next hole can be questioned when there's a bit of a hike between tees. An extra sign to confirm you're on the right path would be helpful.
    Hillsborogh Golf Club is a gem in New Brunswick. Being the closest course to the Hopewell Rocks you may want to slip in a game between high and low tide.
Photos: 2007-Jul-27

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