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St. Eugene Mission Golf Resort & Casino
7777 Mission Road, Cranbrook, BC  V1C7E5
Tee Times: 250-420-2000 Toll Free: 877-417-3133 Fax: 250-420-2001

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Date: 2007-Sep-17 Review by Alberta Bound
    The greens are fairly large and undulating. Watch flag on par threes as the undulations and tiers will make club selection very important. There are maybe four greens that are over 42 yards deep. The centre is always a good place to aim your approach shot. Since some greens are large your club selection is important. A hand held GPS system would help you on this course. It was difficult to tell where the line that separates the fringe and the green was located as the grass was about the same height. The rough was even, bunkers were well trimmed but I found the sand to be packed.
    The fairways were excellent. Sprinkler heads were marked to the center of the green and a black and white pole indicated the 150 yard mark. The yardage guide indicates that one should always play to the 150 yard marker to avoid possible trouble. There is maybe 36 fairway bunkers that frame and protect the course. They make the holes look very attractive from the tee box. The first cut was even and gave way to pine trees with their pine straw.
    St. Eugene has four sets of tees, black, blue, white and green. They have good signs, ball washers, garbage and benches. They are flat, angled to the fairway and in good shape. They are large enough that the staff can move the markers so that you do not have to tee off in someone else's divot.
    This is another Les Furber course and it was opened in 2000. This course has something for everyone. It has link type holes, woodland holes and a few holes that run along the river. Strategy and length are both important as it plays to 7000 and 6450 from the black and blue tees. The first three holes have large fairway bunkers on the right that will catch your drive if you are a little of target. Number 7 is a great par three over a gully to a green with a large bunker in the front. When you reach nine you have a par 5 with the river on the left and bunkers on the right out about 220 yards. There is a large pond on the right of the green so be careful with your second shot. On number 12 once again fairway bunkers to the right and an elevated green that is 44 yard deep makes club selection very important. The par three at 13 offers a large elevation drop to a green surrounded by bunkers. This is a very good looking hole from the tee. Your round ends with an interesting hole on #18. It has a very large fairway bunker right smack in the middle of the fairway 213 yards from the white tees and 252 yards to carry it. Besides this bunker you have bunkers lining the right side of the fairway for almost 2/3 of the distance. Once you have navigated the bunkers you have Joseph's Creek that crosses in front of the green so two shots to this green can be tricky. This is a very well designed course that uses the terrain very nicely. This course does not bring you back to the club house after nine but does bring you by the crossing (half way house) after 3, 10 and 14. You may have noticed that I mentioned club selection on more then one occasion. To me this indicated quality design.
    I think the value is outstanding. From Golden to Kimberley we played about 9 courses. This course had the second lowest green fees and was maybe my favorite course that we played on this trip. Since the course is for the most part flat you could easily walk it. Given the course and the resort it represents great value.
    With the different lengths and slopes you should find the right tee box to suit your game. The slope from the blue is 132 and from the white, it is 119. Bring your sand wedge and practice hitting from fairway bunkers as you will be in a few. There are some elevation changes and water comes into play on a number of holes. We played from the blues and found it challenging but not overly difficult as to spoil our round.
    St. Eugene offers mountains, river, forests, open areas and wonderful views of the club house and resort. We had blue sky the day we played and the scenery looked great. The course is along the river so you are in the valley with the mountains framing the course on all sides.
    The staff at the club and the resort were very friendly and helpful.
    It is hard to separate the clubhouse from the casino and resort. The combination is very good. Parking lot was paved and the historic mission has been restored and is attractive. Clubhouse has the log design that goes well with the mountains.
    The clubhouse, resort, casino were very attractive. You had at least four areas you could choose to have a bite to eat. The pro shop was well stocked and they had a good practice facility. With the resort you had everything that you would require for golf or staying overnight. Washrooms were attractive and well located. On #18 where the creek crosses in front of the green it is an environmental area so you can not go and find your ball. The course has a post with a basket where you can take a free ball to replace the one you lost or could not retrieve
    This is a recommended course to play. With two new courses opening next year in this area it is a destination that you will want visit. With the new courses you will have at least 6 or 7 top quality courses with in a 1/2 hour drive. The value and course makes St. Eugene a great place to play and stay.
Photos: 2007-Sep-17

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