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Dinosaur Trail Golf & Country Club
Tyrell Museum Drive, Drumheller, AB  T0J0Y0
Tee Times: 403-823-5622 Clubhouse: 403-823-5621 Fax: 403-823-5625

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Date: 2007-Jul-20 Review by Alberta Bound
    The greens are very good with the ones on the front a little bit better because they do not get the heat like the back nine. The bunkers were well trimmed and had plenty of sand. The fringe was even and smooth. The greens were a little slow as they had let them grow to protect the grass from the sun.
    The front nine fairways are lined with mature popular, cottonwoods and spruce.For a couple of holes the river runs along the left side. The grass is lush with the first cut being large and even. Stakes marks the yardage at 150 and 100 yards.Fairway bunkers were well trimmed and had enough rakes. On the front you could find trouble along the river so keep it left. On the back you have to play more target golf and must, I repeat must keep it on the fairway as there is a lot of trouble waiting for you if you go too far right or left.
    Tees are well groomed, flat and have the necessary equipment, such as garbage, bench, ball washers, and official survey disc for yardages. The signs are attractive and easy to read. On a number of holes on the front nine they have planted flowers and made the tees very nice to look at. Number three tee is right beside the Red Deer River. Ladies tees are smaller and do not offer the same amount of amenities as the men's tees. The tees on the back nine are different as they are higher and dryer. They do not have flowers as they are in more of a desert area.
    This is a one of a kind golf course for Canada. There is nowhere else that you can play a traditional 9 nine holes and then cross the road and be playing a desert course in the Grand Canyon. The first nine is good but the back nine is spectacular. You play around, between and over hoodoos, mounds, and across mesas. You have to play across deep ravines, and also a number of holes that have decent elevation changes. Number 12 is a great par three where the green sits about a two-club drop and is surrounded by Bad Lands. Hit the green or face the consequences. Number 15 presents a daunting task. You have to drive across this deep ravine with carry of 230 to 275 yards. Sixteen is another par three with a big elevation drop to a green that is protected by water and bunkers. The 18th hole is excellent par five hole to end the back nine as you are once again at the bottom and heading to the club house.
    This course offers very good value. There is no other course like this in Canada. It is a must play.I will play it again when I return to Drumheller.
    This course presents two different nines. Each with a different degree of difficulty. The front nine is very straightforward and is not that tough but once you cross the road you need to play more target golf and keep the ball on the fairway. You will also have trouble concentrating on golf, as you will be looking at the scenery.
    What can I say. I enjoyed the front nine but was blown away by the back nine. I would go back any day just to enjoy the back nine as it snakes, climbs and crosses the Bad Lands. You can see the river, the front nine the museum and all the plateaus, coolies, and small mountains of the Bad Lands.
    I found the staff to be very pleasant and helpful.
    It is small but nice. There is a nice eating area outside surrounded by flowers and close to the first tee. The pro shop is well stocked and has everything you will need. The menu was not great in the restaurant and they were not open for breakfast
    They did have nice snack bars that severed a number of holes on both nines. The restrooms were clean and connected to the snack bars. The cart paths on the back nine were paved while on the front they were made of gravel and were only around the tees and greens. They have a practice area and a putting green. Weather is usually very good in Drumheller but you might find it too hot on some days.
    This course is a must play. The back nine is worth playing at any time and the contrast between the nines is very interesting. The town of Drumheller is one of Alberta's top tourist destinations. Take your clubs, explore the Bad lands, visit the attractions and enjoy the area.
Photos: 2007-Jul-20

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